Reasons Why You Did Not See Your 2016/2017 JAMB Result And Remedy To It


Please we sincerely apologize to students who are yet to see there result right from the day one they sat down for their exams.

We therefore wish to compile the possible cause why most students did not receive their score 2hours after exam as jamb promised its students.

Below are some of the possible scores!!!

1. Failure To Provide Your Correct Phone Number Either In Your Slip Or In Your Rough Booklet: Providing JAMB With your correct number in your exam slip, or rough booklet which would be submitted later would aid the officials into sending your scores quicky to you after the system finished marking, but if the phone number you provided got lost before or after your exam the only remedy to that is to directly check your result online by clicking here (

Steps On How To Check Your 2016/2017 JAMB CBT Result Online

2. Late Comers: According to the officials that we asked they probably told us that late comers exam would be submitted to jamb based under the latecomers file, which might lead to jamb punishing such offenders by delaying their results but which will be later released to them in an unknown date

3. Exam Malpractice Culprits: Please this is one of the major thing that might have hinder you from seeing your result, According to our jamb agent he told us that once a strict invigilator caught a student with any object which is contrary to their warning, such student Reg no, would be secretly marked under malpractice without the students notice and forwarded to JAMB. You as a student if caught might plead with the authority there some might accept you to continue writing but without knowing that he/she have already noted your Reg no, and such might be a disaster to your result.
We advise students even if you were given answers before exam, summarise it or cram it and enter your hall without it, or if you are caught say goodbye to your result after writting.

4. Failure To Submit: We all can recall back then when the exam have not started, jamb officially told us that when a student failed to submit his or her exam that the computer automatically do so, but reverse is the case, as most system or computer developed fault even before the students are able to finish their exam.
Please if you know that your computer developed a fault before you finished your exam which made you not to submit your exam, am sorry to tell you that such computer automatically failed to submit your result, your invigilator might have told you to forget it that your result have been submitted, that is a lie, the system failed to do so.

5. Network Issue: Your network provider might also be one of the hindrance why you haven't seen your score, a close look at the network providers pinpoints that most Networks do not deliver bulk sms to their client, an e.g of the mobile network include GLONIGERIA, If  you know you use a glo line  and haven't seen your result note that your network might also have seized your result from delivering to your lines.

6. No Bio-metric Verification
These are candidates who have been accused of not taking proper biometric (Thumb Print) verification. While some candidates may have been involved in impersonation (invalid thumb print) others were unable to thumb print at all due to any of the following reasons;
- Some Students Lack The Knowledge [i.e They taught it was unimportant]
- Lack of power for machines
- Lack of Network
- Lack of time to conduct the exercise, ETC.
According to our sources in JAMB, these results are still under investigation. From what we  gathered, majority of results under this category will be released as it was clearly not the fault of the candidates.
Our sources disclosed that within the next 2 weeks, all result in this category will be sorted and released. A very small fraction however, will actually be held back if traces of impersonation was detected on an invalid thumb print. Those that will be appropriately screened for impersonation are those where the thumb printing exercise was successfully carried out.

Our advise to candidates in this category is to exercise some patience. If indeed any of the reasons stated above was the cause of not thumb printing, your result will definitely be released within 2 weeks, while some may begin seeing their results by the end of this week so check back by weekend (from 24th March). Please pray hard that your result will not be held back due to human error.

Now apart from all these listed problems, there are also possible remedies to your result if your case was not mentioned above

According to an official statement recently made by JAMB Registrar Prof. Dibu Ojerinde as reported by Nigerian Bulletin, candidates who have not seen their result via text message and or on the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board’s official website should hold on for about four (4-6) days from the date of their computer based test.
The Registrar explained that although JAMB had promised to bring out all results within two hours of the examination, only a summary of the result/performance is expected to be made available a such, while the real result/details come out later in four days.
In his statement, “The idea of the CBT is that after 30 minutes of the examination and the candidate leaves the examination hall, a graphical result of the test will be sent to the candidate’s mobile phone number, while the specific scores will be released within the period of four days.”

This means therefore that candidates whose results have not been sent to him/her through SMS will have to hold on. We will attempt to give an idea of when to re-check your result online below.
February 27th – Recheck on 2nd March
February 29th Batch – Recheck on 4th March
March 1st Batch – Recheck on 5th March
March 2nd Batch – Recheck on 6th March
March 3rd Batch – Recheck on 7th March
March 4th Batch – Recheck on 8th March
March 5th Batch – Recheck on 9th March
March 7th Batch – Recheck on 11th March
March 8th Batch – Recheck on 12th March
March 9th Batch – Recheck on 13th March
March 10th  Batch – Recheck on 14th March
Others Follow suite with -6 days interval
You may check now following this link to know if your own is out.
It is therefore a bit obvious that all JAMB 2016/2017 CBT results are expected to be out on or before March 24th. Candidates who have written but no result yet should hold on and recheck their result within the timeline we have given (as suggestion) above. We hold this helps!

JAMB 2016/2017 UTME Cutoff Mark For Various Varsities Out- Check Your Desired School Here


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