2016/2017 UTME Tips:How to Pass Your Post-Utme Exam In Any Nigerian Tertiary institute

This days most students think they can go into an exam hall do one or two magic expecting to pass with a high score say 500 out of 400, but in actual sense it doesn’t really work that way.
When you are not prepared for an examination,say post-utme exam there is every possibility that you will not pass or pass up to the point of gaining admission into your choice university.
here are some tips to guide you when preparing for post-utme/screening exam…

Below Are The Tips To Help You

5: Deal With Fright
Most people after much preparation for their exams they still go into the exam hall and flop, reason not because they don’t know the answers to the questions but because they never dealt with fright before going into the hall to seat for their exams.
like i always tell people, ‘study to yourself approve’. good luck as you prepare for your post-utme examination…

4: Arrive Early Enough To Your Choice School
For those that stay/live far from their choice school, make sure you be at the school latest two days to your exam to check for the time schedule for your exam, venue for your exam and so on. most people often arrive a night to their exam date, while some do arrive on the day of the exam, when you do that, there is every tendency that you will be tensed up locating your venue and other stuffs, that isn’t a good exam condition at all

3: Get FELAR 909
FELAR 909 is a very good handbook basically for the study of English Language. a student preparing for post-utme is suppose to own a copy of this book.
- Attempting all the questions and how
- Answering JAMB Comprehension Questions
- General Theme Questions
- Time to Tackle Comprehension Questions
- Answering JAMB Lexis Questions
Ask anyone that have successfully passed post utme especially in UNN, they will tell you how FELAR 909 helped them

2: Get Your Choice School Post-Utme Past Questions
It is always adviced that when getting ready/preparing for an exam you should get past questions, why? so that it can guide you on the kind of questions you should be expecting and sometimes, questions are being repeated; same is applicable to post-utme exams, questions are often time repeated.
You Can Contact 08107431933 For All School Past Questions And Answer In PDF Cost 2,000Naira [All School]

1: Study Your JAMB Past Questions
Even when you have written your jamb exam, continue studying your jamb past questions don’t relent on that because most questions are being lifted from there.

Below are questions from the handbook FELAR 909.
1. It appears that the girls is set (on/to/for/with) becoming a doctor.
(a): on
(b): to
2. The mobile police arrived (in/at/on) the nick of time.
(c): On
Simply answer the above questions by posting a reply.
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