Things To Do To Avoid Cultist In Higher Institution [A Must Read]


Cultism has always been a cankerworm in the fabric of society, and while it has spread to affect ever strata of society, the breeding ground in most cases, remains the Tertiary institutions. From Polytechnics, colleges of education, monotechnics to state and federal universities, hardly a month goes by without a report of some sort of cultist activity, resulting in loss of lives and other crimes in most cases.
So the fear is there, especially for students entering the university for the very first time. Below I have however tried to help, by pointing out some steps every student can take. If you take this steps, you might likely never have trouble with cultists throughout your stay in the university.

1. Choose Accommodation wisely

Whether you choose to stay in the school hostel, or off campus, it is vital that you make inquiries. Ask questions like: Do cultists disturb people in the area?  And is there adequate security? While it is true that there is no place that is entirely crime free. People will be able to point you to the safest areas in the environment. Take such advice into account before you choose where to stay.

2. Choose Association wisely

This might sound cliché, but it is vital to your survival, many students have gotten into serious trouble because of their association with the wrong people. So always distance yourself from friends and acquaintances who have shady lifestyles. Hemp smokers should be avoided too, there is a higher probability they will have clashes with security agencies. Know your friends very well.

3. Watch your dress and grooming

In most places, a certain color is associated with a cult group/gang. From experience, being dressed entirely in a single color ensemble will call the attention of the wrong people. So avoid being dressed entirely in black, blue, red or yellow. Hairstyles also are pointers; dread locks, Mohawks, skin cuts should be avoided. Better safe than sorry.

4. Avoid late nights and wild parties

Ensure that you do not stay out later than 8 or 9pm. Most cult activities happen late at night. Going into the campus to read at night should either be done in large groups or avoided entirely. Secondly, do not attend all parties, a lot of people step on the wrong toes at parties, getting themselves into unnecessary trouble. Ask yourself: who organized the party? What type of people will be there? Will there be security (if it is a night event)? You will have a lot of time to party after school.

5. Be quick to defuse volatile situations

Despite all your precautions, trouble may still come calling. No matter the situation, avoid confrontations at all costs, you may fight and win, but for cultists, it doesn’t end there, they will look for ways to get back at you. So try and defuse tense situations with a smile, apologize and walk away. Sometimes we stand in the house of a coward to point at the ruins of a brave man’s house. A fight is simply not worth it.

6. Relationships

Most cultist troubles come from the statement: “He/she took my girlfriend/boyfriend”. In the event that you start getting threats because of a girl/boy in school, please forget what you see in the movies and let go. When you are out of the environment, as you will be in a short time, you will have all the time for relationships.
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