Life Story: My Addiction Story Part 2

Remember This is the continuation of the previous story we posted, if you miss that one you can read it up HERE.
On our way down to her house. I was still pondering if it’s real or not. She kept on asking different questions.
Bidemi: Femi, what’s wrong with you?
Me: Nothing…. It seems I’m not feeling too fine
Bidemi: I have been asking what’s wrong with you before we left your house but you refused to tell me. Pele(sorry).
Me. Ose (thank you)
Bidemi: maybe we should go back to your house so that you can rest a little.
Me: no oo! I will be fine, besides we are almost at your gate.
We got to her house and she shouted Abdul(their gateman).
Abdul: coming small madam (opens the gate).
Welcome back.
Bidemi: Who’s at home?
Abdul: nobody ma.
Kikelomo just come back from school and she talk say she wan go check her fwends.
Kikelomo is Bidemi only sibling and she’s 19years of age and a student of unilag, studying philosophy.
You would have thought that they were twin because they so much look alike.
We entered their compound and went straight to her room.
Immediately we entered, she went to get paracetamol for me.
I took the drug but deep inside of me I know that not even a whole pack of paracetamol can cure what is doing me.
Now I’m now feeling much relaxed.
Then I called her name
Me: Bidemi, can I ask you some questions?
Bidemi: sure
Me: you know I like you
Bidemi: Yes and I like you too (giggling) I kept quiet for a while and she asked that… is that your question?
Me: Yes but there’s still more…. why did you kiss me?
Bidemi: (felt embarrassed) because I want to…. (staring away)
Me: I have always wanted to kiss you but something keeps stopping me.
Bidemi: (now Smiling) really
Me: Yes…. can I kiss you?
Bidemi: (amused) yes.
Me: I want it to be special…. can you please close your eyes?
Bidemi: Okay I dragged her to her feet with her eyes already closed.
I moved closer to her.
I placed my lips very close to hers and I could see that her breathing has increased with so much pace. (didnt kiss her on her lips).
Moved my lips and planted a kiss on her forehead… planted another on her left cheek….. another on her right cheek…… then I planted one on the pointer of her nose. Her breathing increased when I slid my lips down from her nose down to her lips and waited for a while.
She knew my lips was very close to hers and she has already shaped her mouth for it.

Now she’s visibly shaking.
She moved her lips towards mine, I withdrew it when it was about to touch mine.

She opens her eyes and I kissed her before her opened eyes could form any image in her brain. We kissed for almost 5 minutes before we broke off.

We kept quiet for 5mins, still sinking down what happened.

Watch out for part 3
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