Tips: Steps To Study Or Practice JAMB CBT Without The Use Of A Compuer

Who told you that without you having Computer you can't practice the Jamb Cbt Exam,
Computer Based Examination is done on a Computer System (Pc); so much of the preparation however, is not computer based.

Here is what you can do when you don't have accessible to computer for preparation: although using Computer will be very great, but since some student can't afford that before the exam, we have provide another great way of practicing without the use of computer.

So if the difference between the CBT and a traditional paper-based examination is the “tool” in which case, the computer is replacing the paper in the Computer based version; then, the methods of practicing for all test will have a lot of similarities.

The following traditional ways of preparation is also useful in computer based tests:

1. Group Discussions

Engaging in group discussions with peers and classmates will help you widen your scope of knowledge. It is a proving way of preparation for an examination as a number of students have said that it has helped them to see other innovative ways of problems-solving during an examination.

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2. Visiting Past and possible Questions and Answers

Whether you are using a computer for this, or you are using a printed media, the main thing is to ensure that you are familiar with the way the examiner will come at you during the test.

The most difficult examination is usually the one that catch you unawares. To guide against this occurrence, reviewing a attempting past and/or possible questions will give you an idea of the questions you should expect from the examination.
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3. Playing Education Games

It has been proven that some games really increases ones IQ. Engaging in interactive and brain-tasking games will help work your brain in a very productive way.

The games could be video games, card games, board games or outdoor games. The motive is to keep the brain active.

4. Studying Through The Syllabus

The most important part of preparation of an examination is a study that is aimed at covering the syllabus of the examiner. This is the same for a computer based test.

It is important to have the syllabus in mind when studying because it gives a sense of confidence that you are working with the examiner.

With this Little strategy, am very sure you will have an excellent performance during your exam.

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