UNN 2015/2016 Final Clearance Notice To Admitted Students

#1. The first step to be taken in the final clearance for convocating graduands is to clear yourself at the security department with the sum of N150. You will have to come with your
i) school ID (in form of Access bank ATM card),
ii) school fee clearance form,
iii) accommodation clearance,
iv) library clearance,
v) alumni ID card,
vi) off-campus clearance, etc
You will find all these and others pested on the window of the security department. You will be given two papers to fill in your details; return both of them and come the next day to collect one that will be signed and stamped.
#2. Payment of Convocation Fee
You must either bank with Diamond, First Bank or UBA, and have up to N11,000 in your account. Mine is Diamond. Walk into any of the bank you bank with and tell the teller that you want to make a payment of N10,000 in favour of UNN Convocation Fee. You will be given a paper in a letter form to fill. Instructions will be given. After the payment, you will be given a draft stamp (teller) note worth N10,000, which will be immediately debited from your account, plus N500 processing fee ( at Diamond).
#3. 'Application for the Payment of Convocation Fee using Bank Draft'
Now, write a formal application letter (hand written) with the above title. Address the letter to the 'Office of the Deputy Bursar'. She is a woman (Dr Nwabueze; her office has no room number, but it should be 116, ground floor) and stays in the main administrative building i.e VC's office. Attach the N10,000 draft teller to the hand written letter and submit to her. She will inspect and sign.
#4. Then, you move to the cash office opposite university printing press. Submit the draft teller with the hand written letter to the person in charge and collect Treasury Receipt Voucher (TRV), being convocation fee receipt.
#5. Write another formal letter (typed), with the title: 'Application for the Collection of My Statement of Results and Original Degree Certificate'. Address it to the 'Office of the Deputy Registrar...' Any of the typists at old library (at the back of the main library) can assist you in writing the letter.
#6. After all these, arrange your papers in this order:
i) school fee clearance certificate,
ii) the letter of Application for the Collection of my Statement of Results and Original Degree Certificate,
iii) security clearance certificate,
iv) accommodation clearance,
v) Treasury Receipt Voucher (TRV), being convocation fee receipt,
vi) library clearance form, and
vii) alumni ID card.
Make 2 (two) photocopies of them and arrange in the same order, so that you will have 1 (one) original copy and 2 (two) photocopies.
#7. Now, take all the copies to the audit unit at the back of PAA (upstairs), where the 3 (three) copies will be signed and stamped. The door to the entrance of the audit office is just by the side of the building. Enter and you will find a staircase upwards. Climb up and you will find the audit office at the end by the left. Opposite the door are the instructions for clearance time and paper arrangements. Enter the office and get cleared. You will leave with 1 (one) original copy and 1 (one) photocopy, having given them 1 (one).
Keep them safe and intact
Your plans have succeeded!
(Please always come along with all your clearance papers, right from departmental. Original hand writen school fee receipts and alumni ID will be needed in the audit office.)
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