Exam: JAMB UTME 2016/2017 Possible/Likely Objectives Questions And Answers In Biology

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Elitesplanet Blog In conjunction with Crowning Favours Academy in Lagos have decided to bring you the 2016/2017 likely JAMB CBT Questions especially for students who is writing the JAMB CBT Exams for the first time.
Before proceeding in reading this questions or downloading it, You advised to read this article we posted earlier about JAMB Questions, How many questions to answer and more....
Today we will be posting the JAMB 2016/2017 Likely questions on BIOLOGY, which i believe most arts and social science students might find hard in reading or studying, but with the below questions you can actually know where to focus your reading.
This BIOLOGY question was actually compiled by the CROWNING FAVOURS ACADEMY IN LAGOS, Our official Exam Experts when it comes to JAMB Exams and other exams.
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Below are the questions, for some reasons we won’t be giving out answers to each of the questions, as it is expected to be your test to go and make research and read the questions and find possible solutions to them, do bear with us.

1. The similarity among organisms belonging to the same group will be the least within each.
[a] order
[b] family
[c] species
[d] kingdom
2. Vivipary occurs mainly in the
[a] mammals
[b] reptiles
[c] apes
[d] amphibians
3. Amphibians are normally found
[a] on dry land and in water
[b] in water and moist land
[c] on moist land
[d] in water
4. Which of the following groups is the most advanced?
[a] pteridophytes
[b] bryophytes
[c] thallophytes
[d] gymnosperms
5. Most monocots are easily recognized by their
[a] short lives
[b] long and palm-like leaves
[c] short leaves with many veinlets
6. A distinguishing feature of mammals is the possession of
[a] skin
[b] scale
[c] nail
[d] hair
7. In which of the following organism would glycogen be stored?
[a] spirogyra
[b] chlamydomonas
[c] rattus
[d] magniferra
8. The most successful group of animals in terms of diversity of species is?
[a] mollusc
[b] arthropoda
[c] mammalian
[d] platyhelminthes
9. Members of the phylum protozoa use the contractile vacuole
[a] to remove excess food
[b] for movement
[c] for digestion
[d] to remove excess water
10. Fungi are heterotrophic because they
[a] have no leaves
[b] lacks root
[c] are filamentous
[d] lack of chlorophyll
11. Angiosperms and gymnosperms belong to the plant group known as
[a] schizophyta
[b] bryophyte
[c] pteridophyta
[d] spermatophyte
12.Which of the following are non green plants
[a] euglena
[b] fungi
[c] spirogyra
[d] angiosperms
13. Sting cells are normally found in
[a] flatworms
[b] hydra
[c] snails
[d] paramecium
14. Which of the following are differentiated into true roots stems and leaves
[a] algae
[b] schizophyta
[c] pteridophyta
[d] bryophyte
15. Which of the following group of invertebrate reproduce by budding
[a] arthropoda
[b] annelid
[c] mollusca
[d] coelenterate
16. The algae, bryophytes and pteridophytes are similar in that they
[a] are seed weeds
[b] have no vascular tissue
[c] require moisture for fertilization
[d] are microscopic plant
17. In bryophytes, sex organs are produced in the
[a] gametophyte
[b] rhizoids
[c] protonema
[d] saprophyte
18. Which of the following animals has homodent dentition
[a] rat
[b] man
[c] lizard
[d] pigeon
19. A characteristics of the phylum coelenterate is that
[a] most of them are marine
[b] they posses a gut with single opening
[c] they posses numerous pores on their body
[d] they are bilaterally symmetrical
20. A multinucleate body without internal cell boundaries is characteristic of?
[a] bryophyte
[b] fungi
[c] algae
[d] gymnosperms
21. Which of the following phyla members with both internal and external segmentations.
[a] platyhelminthes
[b] nematodes
[c] annelid
[d] mollusc

22. Which of the following is a common characteristics of crustaceans?
[a] possession of  a pair of antennae
[b] possession of two pairs of antennae
[c] each segment has a pair of wailing legs
[d] four pairs of walking legs on the cephalothoraxes
23. The body of snail is divided into head,
[a] Thorax and abdomen
[b] visceral mass and abdomen
[c] thorax and foot
[d] visceral mass and foot
24. Which of the following structures is common to euglena, white blood cell and amoeba
[a] Vacuole
[b] cell wall
[c] cilia
[d] cell membrane
25. The following organism represents are hermaphrodites EXCEPT
[a] snail
[b] taenia
[c] schistosoma
[d] earthworm
26. Parasitic forms are not found among
[a] mollusca
[b] platyheminthes
[c] nematode
[d] protozoan
27. Which of the following sets of organism represents the correct trend from simple to complex structural organization
28. The prothallus of a fern is equivalent to the gametophyte generation of a moss because it
[a] is inconspicuous
[b] has rhizoids
[c] bears sexual organs
[d] is multicellular
29. Lung book are used for respiration in
[a] spiders
[b] insects
[c] millipedes
[d] snails
30. Insects and millipedes have many features in common EXCEPT
[a] exoskeleton
[b] jointed appendages
[c] Compound eyes
[d] segmented body

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  1. Good morning sir, i want to ask a question, in that English possible question to come out, why "the last day at forcados high school" is not included or is it not a possible question to come out...?

  2. Good morning sir, i want to ask a question, in that English possible question to come out, why "the last day at forcados high school" is not included or is it not a possible question to come out...?


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