JAMB 2016/2017 CBT Possible/Likely Objectives Questions & Answers For Government Students

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Elitesplanet Blog In conjuction with Crowning Favours Academy in Lagos have decided to bring you the 2016/2017 likely JAMB CBT Questions especially for students who is writing the JAMB CBT Exams for the first time.
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Today we will be posting the JAMB 2016/2017 Likely questions on Government, which i believe most arts and social science students might find hard in reading or studying, but with the below questions you can actually know were to focus your reading.
This Government question was actually compiled by the CROWNING FAVOURS ACADEMY IN LAGOS, Our official Exam Experts when it comes to JAMB Exams and other exams.
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Below are the questions, for some reasons we wont be giving out answers to each of the questions, as it is expected to be your test to go and make research and read the questions and find possible solutions to them, do bear with us.


1.    Government as an institution of a state can best be defined as a body that
[a] recruits and trains political leaders
[b] settles disputes laws for the state
2.    Political authority is the
[a] legitimate right to exercise political power
[b] ability to control political behavior
[c] right to participate in political campaigns
[d]right to form political parties
3. The rule of law refers to the principles of
[a] legality and impartiality
[b] the supreme power of the rules
[c] the immunity of judges from legal actions
[d] the orderly execution of government policies
4. Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right enjoyed by citizens but it may be limited if
[a]loyalty is not shown to the ruling party
[b]it exposes the wrong doings of the government
[c]it endangers the security of the state
[d]it is used to cause embarrassment to the judiciary.

5. Which of the following is an obligation of citizens?
[a] attending political rallies
[b] taking part in independence day celebrations
[c] contesting elections
[d] paying respect to the national flag
6. The extent of which the citizens regard the institutions, officials and activities of the government as right and acceptable is known as _____________________________
[a] power
[b] legitimacy
[c] influence
[d] authority
7. Diplomatic immunity is limitation to
[a] the theory of separation of powers
[b] principles of checks and balance
[c] parliamentary supremacy
[d] in the rule of law
8. A federal state is always expensive to run because
[a] every parliamentarian wants to become rich
[b] government department are duplicated
[c] judges are highly paid from the consolidated fund
[d] maintenance of the army involving high expenditure
9. In which of the following party system are all shades of opinions and interest adequately represented?
[a] zero party
[b] one party
[c] two party
[d] multi-party
10. Veto power in a presidential system lies with the
[a] attorney general
[b] chief of army staff
[c] executive
[d] constitution
11. Which of the following is the lowest class of people in the heirachy of a feudal system?
[a] nobles
[b] serfs
[c] lords
[d] manor
12. Mussolini’s fascism and Hitlers Nazism are good example of
[a] anarchy
[b] feudalism
13. Which of the following is supreme in federal system?
[a] judiciary
[c] constitution
14. An order directing a detainee to be brought before the court is called
[a] habeas corpus
[b] an appearance
[c] an injunction
[d] a referendum
15. Which of the following is a feature of an elite party?
[a] members are recruited from the working class
[b] the leadership is compose of aristocrats and wealthy merchants
[c] it usually consist of existing associations, clubs and trade unions
[d] its leadership has certain techniques which attract supporters
16. An undesirable feature of capitalism is
[a] exploitation
[b] market company
[c] profit motive
[d] free competition
17. The system of voting on behalf of another person is known as
[a] voting by lot
[b] casting votes
[c] voting by proxy
[d] preference voting
[18] Authoritarianism is least inherit in
[a] feudalism
[b] fascism
[c] democracy
[d] monarchy
19. In which of the following system of government are ceremonies and executive powers are usually fused?
[a] parliamentary
[b] presidential
[c] collegial
[d] con federal
20. The program-me of a political party is known as
[a] constitution
[b] document
[c] manifesto
[d] propaganda
21. Which of the following is a source of a country’s constitution?
[a] mandamus
[b] judicial precedent
[c] injuctions
[d] political decisions
22. The acquisitions of political power through hereditary means is feature of
[a] communal ism
[b] capitalism
[c] oligarchy
[d] monarchy
23. Which of the following factors limit the expression of public opinion?
[a] the type of government in a state
[b] the establishment of private media organism
[c]the high literacy rate of the citizens
[d] religious belief of the citizens
24. If the federal government and the unit government are to preserves their autonomy ,
[a] federal government must be supreme
[b] until governments must be supreme
[c] judicial must be supreme
[d] constitution must be supreme
25. Which of the following best describes the relationship between the central and the components government in confederation?
[a] the central government collects revenue for component government
[b] the central and components governments have equal powers
[c] the central governments legislate for the components government
[d] the central government is weaker than the components governments
26. The administration head of a republic co-operation in Nigeria is the
[a] managing director
[b] secretary
[c] board of directors
[d] chairman
27. The appointment, promotion and discipline of civil servants are the responsibilities of the
[a] civil service commission
[b] judicial service commission
[d] electoral commission
28. Red tap-ism in the civil service refers
[a] the use of red tapes on legal documents
[b] slowness of action
[c] the co-operation between civil servants and politicians
[d] politicization of the service
29. The grants of the right to vote is called
[a] enfranchisement
[b] disqualification
[c] prohibition
[d] participation
30. The system which allows private individuals and companies to own and control the means of production is known as
[a] socialism
[b] fascism
[c] capitalism
[d] communism.
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