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Elitesplanet Blog In conjuction with Crowning Favours Academy in Lagos have decided to bring you the 2016/2017 likely JAMB CBT Questions especially for students who is writting the JAMB CBT Exams for the first time.
Before proceding in reading this questions or downloading it, You advised to read this article we posted earlier about JAMB Questions, How many questions to answer and more....
Today we will be posting the JAMB 2016/2017 Likely questions on PHYSICS, which i believe most Science students might find hard in reading or studying, but with the below questions you can actually know were to focus your reading.
This Physics question was actually compiled by the CROWNING FAVOURS ACADEMY IN LAGOS, Our official Exam Experts when it comes to JAMB Exams and other exams.
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Below are the questions, for some reasons we wont be giving out answers to each of the questions, as it is expected to be your test to go and make research and read the questions and find possible solutions to them, do bear with us.

1. Which of the following is not a vector quantity
[a] Momentum
[b] Force
[c] Velocity
[d] Temperature
2. A boat man facing north wants to cross a flowing river to a point directly opposite it’s position at the other bank, if the river is following eastwards in what direction he row his boat?
[a]. East
[b] North-West
[c] North-East
[d] South-W
3. Which of the following is scalar quantity?
[a] momentum
[b] Acceleration
[c] Displacement
[d] Distance
4. Each of the following physical quantities is classified as a vector or scalar quantity. Which of the classifications is correct?
[a] Electric potential [vector]
[b] momentum [scalar]
[c] Gravitational field intensity [scalar]
[d] Magnetic flux density [vector]
5. Two forces 3N and 4N act on a body in direction due north and due east
[a] 5N, 53O east of north
[b] 5N, 53O west of south
[c] 5N, 31O north of east
[d]7N, 37O west of north.
6. Which of the following pairs of physical quantities comprises vectors?
[a] Capacitance and inductance
[b] Force ratio and velocity ratio
[c] energy & power
[d] electric field potential and electric field intensity
7. I A scalar quantity has only magnitude II A scalar quantity has both magnitude and direction III A vector quantity has both magnitude and direction IV. A vector quantity has only magnitude. Which of the above statement is/are correct?
[a] I only
[b] I and II only
[c] I and III only
[d] II and III only
8. The magnitude of the resultant of two forces 12N and 5N acting at right angles is equal to
[b] 13N
[c] 49N
[d] 60N
 9. Three non-parallel coplanar forces which can be represented both in magnitude and direction by the three sides of a triangles taken in order will
[a] have any one force being the equilibrant of the other two
[b] make a body move randomly
[c] make a body along a straight line
10. Two 10N Forces are inclined at 30% to each other, the magnitude of the result force is
[a] 5.2N
[b] 10.0N
[c] 16
[d] 19.3N
11. The resultant of two forces P and Q is least when the angle between them is
[a] 180O
[b] 45O
[c] 60O
[d] 90O
12. The component of a vector in a given direction is
[a] Equal to the magnitude of the resultant vector in that direction
[b] equal to the magnitude of the resultant vector in the opposite direction
[c] its effective value in that direction
[d] its effective value in the opposite direction.
13. A bus travelling at 15ms-2 acceleration uniformly at 4ms-2 . What is the distance covered in 10s.
[a] 150m
[b] 170m
[c] 350m
[d] 600m
14. A body moving with uniform acceleration has two points [5,15 and 20, 60] on the velocity time graph of its motion. Calculate a
[a] 0.25ms-2
[b] 3.00ms-1
[c] 4.00ms-2
[d] 9.00ms-2
15. A body accelerates uniformly from rest at the rate of 3ms-2 for 8 seconds. Calculate the distance covered by the body during the acceleration,
[a] 12m
[b] 24m
[c] 48m
[d] 96m
16. A ball is projected horizontally from the top of a hill with a velocity of 20ms-2, if it reaches the ground 4 seconds later, what is the height of the hill.
[a] 20m
[b] 40m
[c] 80m
[d] 160m
17.An object is projected with velocity of 100ms-2 from the ground level at an angle 0 to the vertical, if the total time of flight of the projectile is 10s calculate 0.
[a] 0O
[b] 30O
[c] 45O
[d] 60O
18. At what angle to the horizontal must the nozzle of a machine gun be kept when firing to obtain a maximum horizontal range for the bullets?
[a] 0.0O
[b] 22.5O
[c] 30.0O
[d] 45.0O
19. An orange fruit to the ground from the top of a tree 43m tall.
How long does it take to reach the ground? [g=10m-2]
[a] 3.05s
[b] 4.5s
[c] 6.0s
[d] 7.5s
20. A ball of mass 5.0kg hits a smooth vertical wall normally with a speed of 2ms-2 and rebounds with the same speed. Determine the impulse experienced by the ball.
[a] 20.0kgms-1
[b] 10.0kgms-1
[c] 5.0kgms-1
[d] 1.3kgms-1
21. A body of a mass 4.2kg moving with velocity 10ms-1 due east, hits a stationary body of mass 2.8kg. If they stick together after collision and move with velocity V due east, Calculate the V.
[a] 3ms-1
[b] 6ms-1
[c] 7ms-1
[d] 15ms-1s
22. The time rate of change of momentum is
[a] impulse
[b] force
[c] power
[d] pressure
23. A plane inclined at an angle of 30O to the horizontal has an efficiency of 50%. The force parallel to the plane required to push a load of 120N uniformly up the plane is
[a] 40V3N
[b] 60N
[c] 120N
[d] 200N
24. In which of the following simple machines is the efforts applied between the load and the fulcrum
[a] Scissors
[b] pliers
[c] wheel barrow
[d] sugar tongs
25. If the box X is pulled up from P to Q, which of the following expresses the velocity ratio of the inclined plane.
[a] PR/PQ
[b] QR/PQ
[c] QR/PR
[d] PQ/QR
26. A machine of velocity ratio 5 is used in lifting a load with an effort of 500 N. If the machine is 80% efficient, determine the magnitude of the load.
[a] 2500N
[b] 2000N
[c] 900N
[d] 625N
27. The velocity ratio of an inclined plane, inclined at an angle 0 to the horizontal can be expressed as
[a] [sin Ꝋ-1]
[b] [sin Ꝋ]
[c] [Cos]
[d] [Cos Ꝋ]
28. A block and tackle system has 6 pulleys. If the efficiency of the machine is 60%, determinate its mechanical advantage.
[a] 12.0
[b] 10.0
[c] 3.6
[d] 1.8
29. A machine of efficiency 80% is used to raise a body of mass 75kg through a vertical height of 3m in 30s. Calculate the power input.
[a] 9,4w
[b] 60.0w
[c] 15.0w
[d] 93.8w
30. A block and tackle system has 6 pulleys. If the efficiency of the machine is 60% determine its mechanical advantage.
[a] 12.0
[b] 10.0
[c] 3.6
[d] 1.8

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