Tips/Guidelines On How To Avoid Carry Overs In Higher Institutions

Sometimes, I feel very Bad when I see Students who see Carry Over as the End of the World, Though I know its very Bad but Carry Over is Actually meant for Students.
Below i will be discussing on how to overcome this situation in school
i) Academically:
having carry-over means you have F(0) in that course.
It’s bad, it’s really bad. Having an E(2) or a D(4) is far better than having a carry-over.
It means you just scored '0' after studying a course for a semester and it will definitely reflect on your result.
ii) Psychologically:
having a carry-over affects the psyche of a student. It’s that evil. You don't feel whole again, you won't feel yourself among your peers anymore; you'll feel devastated, less. intelligent, less smart and so on. Carry overs inflict serious psychological damage on the bearer. It brings your thinking and psyche to the lowest minimum.
iii) Physically:
keeping tabs with your main courses is physically tasking enough, add carry overs to that and you'll barely sleep at night. You have to meet up with the time table of your main courses, then meet up with the schedule of your carry over courses, that's so physically demanding, it’s almost like punishment.
even though its technically possible to recover from the evils of carry overs and get your academics back on track, it's extremely difficult and take so much determination and hard work.
the odds of you graduating with a great result or a good result shifts every time you carry over a course. Imagine doing a carry-over course in place of an easy to pass elective course...
when you are writing a carryover paper with guys that are below you, it’s a hard hit on your esteem and confidence level. You certainly won't be the most confident person on campus, in fact you'll be the least confident, if you're not then its either you're shameless, delusional, dull
or completely out of touch.
the demanding schedule, the insult by lecturers, the embarrassment of writing a carry-over exam with your "juniors"’s a bad experience all together
Steps On How To Avoid A Carry Over:
-Never joke with your Continuous Assessment (C.A)
-Always be around class and get
adequately informed
-Serious studying: studying isn't every one's bread and butter, not everyone enjoys reading and reading, it’s not sweet at all, but you got to do it.
That's the way. Study in your room if you stay in a quiet compound or you as well Use the library to research helpful information as much as you can.
-Do your calculations: your GPA and stuffs
-No age limit to learning: Always add to what you know
-Always do the conventional first: Do what's required of you in test or an exam first, and then spice it up with the result of your research to the lecturers delight.
-Be strong physically and psychologically:
In most tertiary institutions only the strong will survive
-Use your time and work with schedule
-And finally and most importantly....know your God(He's over everything)
Hope This Write Up Helps
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