Final: 2016/2017 JAMB Possible/Likely Questions & Answers On Physics Part Two [Science Students]


As The 2016/2017 JAMB UTME Exam date approaches we have compiled the final possible and likely questions and answers for physics students to practice before they enter their exam hall.

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Note: this is not the real questions but are majorly what to expect, real questions and answers will only be sent to our VIPS who made payment for that.
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1. An object of weight 80 kg on earth is taken to a planet where the acceleration due to gravity is one-third of its value on earth.
The weight of the object on the planet is
A. 27N B. 12N C. 48N D 36N

2. Which gas produces a pink coloured light in a discharge tube?
A. Air b. argon c. mercury d. neon

3. A quantity which requires magnitude and direction to be specified is
A. Displacement b. distance c. temperature d. mass
4. The melting point of a substance is equivalent to its
A. Liquidification temperature b. solidification temperature c. vapour pressure d. solidification pressures
5. The temperature at which the water vapour present in the air is just sufficient to saturate the air is
a. saturation point b. ice point c. boiling point d. dew point
6. An object of mass 20kg is released from a height of 10m above the ground level. The kinetic energy of the object just before it hits the ground is......... {g=10ms-2}
a. 200j b. 500j c. 200j d. 4000j
7. PHCN measures its electrical energy in
a. Wh b. J c. W d. kWh
8. If a metal wire 4 m long and cross-sectional area 0.8mm2 has a resistance of 6Ω find the resistivity of the wire.
a. 3.2x10-6 Ωm b. 1.2x10-6 Ωm c. 3.0x10-5 Ωm d. 5.3x10-7 Ωm
9. calculate the escape velocity of a satellite launched from the earth’s surface if the radius of the earth is 6.4x106 m. {g=10ms-2}
a. 11.3kms-1 b. 4.0 kms-1 c. 4.2 kms-1 d. 25.3 kms-1
10. A force of 500N is applied to a steel wire of cross-sectional area 0.2m2, the tensile stress is
a. 2.5x103 Nm-2 b. 1.0x103 Nm-2 c. 1.0x102 Nm-2
d. 2.5x104 Nm-2
11. what charge is stored in a 0.1 F capacitor when a 10V Supply is connected accross it?
a. 2c b. 4c c. 5c d. 1c
12. An object is placed 10m from a pinhole camera of length 25 cm. Calculate the linear magnification.
a. 2.5x10-1 b. 2.5x10-2 c. 2.5x10-1 d. 2.5x10-2
13. What is the best method of demagnetizing a steel bar magnet?
a. Rough-handling it b. hammering c. solenoid method d. beating it
14. When an atom undergoes a beta decay, the atomic number of the nucleus
A. increases by one b. remains unchanged c. becomes zero d. decreases by one
15. what happens when three coplanar non-parrallel forces are in equilibrium?
a. They are represented in direction only b. their lines of action are parrallel c. their lines of action meet at a point d. they are represented in magnitude only.
16. The quantity of heat needed to raise the temperature of a body by 1k is the body’s
a. specific heat capacity b. heat capacity c. latent heat of fusion d. internal energy
17. The maximum power transfer occurs in a cell when the external resistance is
a. twice the internal resistance of the cell b. less than the internal resistance of the cell c. greater than the internal resistanceofthe cell d. the same as the internal resistance of the cell
18. What is the least possible error encountered when taking measurement with a meter rule?
a. 0.1 mm b. 0.2mm c. 0.5mm d. 1.0mm

19. In a common emmitter configuration, the output voltage is through the
a. resistor b. emitter c. collector d. base
20. A wheel and axle is used to raise a load whose weight is 800N when an effort of 250N is applied. If the radio of the wheel and axle are 800mm and 200mm respectively, the efficiency of the machine is
a. 80% b. 87% c. 90% d. 85%
21. The small droplets of water that form on the grass in the early hours of the morning is
a. haul b. dew c. fog d. mist
22. The magnitude of the angle of dip at the equator
A. 00 B. 1800 C. 3600 D. 900
23. When a telescope is in normal use, the final image is at
a. the focus b. the near point c. infinity d. the radius of curvature
24. In a compound microscope, the objective and the eye piece focal lengths are short.
a. short b. long c. at inifinity d. the same
25. A machine whose efficiency is 75% is used to lift a load of 1000N.
Calculate the effort put in to the machine if it has a velocity radio of 4.
a. 333.33N b. 233.33N c. 343.32N d. 334.33N
26. The energy in the nucleus of atoms produce heat which can be used to generate.
a. electrical energy b. mechanical energy c. kinetic energy d. potential energy
27. Water is a poor thermometric liquid because it
a. wets glass b. has low vapour pressure c. is opaque d. is a poor conductor
28. The eye controls the amount of light reaching the retina by adjusting the
a. optic nerve b. retina c. cornea d. iris
29. The effect of a particle in a fluid attaining its terminal velocity is that the
a. bouyancy force is more than the weight of the fluid displaced b. bouyancy force is equal to the viscous retarding force c. acceleratiion is maximum d. weight is equal to the retarding force
30. A coin placed below a rectangular glass block of thickness 9cm and refractive index 1.5 is viewed vertically above the block. The apparent displacement of the coin is
a. 8cm b. 6cm c. 3cm d. 5cm
Note: This is just the likely/possible questions and answers for revision purposes. To get the real questions and answers CLICK HERE.
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