Important Errors/Mistakes To Avoid During NYSC Registration

*Have a valid E-mail account, as a verification link would be sent to it during registration. if you don't have open one immediately, don't use another person's mail.
*Ensure you keep in mind the date of your graduation, as uploaded by your school. it would be needed during registration. this can easily be checked my looking up your details on the NYSC portal.
*Ensure you get your kit size measured by a tailor to ascertain your correct measurements for shirt and trousers and also your boot size, as it will be required.
*If you have any health or physical challenges and require regular treatment, a letter from a federal hospital will be required to be uploaded, this can also assist with concessional posting to the state of your choice.
*For married women, your marriage certificate and husband state of residency will be required also for concessional posting.
*Also the Name and year of graduation of your primary school, secondary school will be needed, so get it prior to the registration.
*2 next of kins name, phone number and address is also required.
*If you will be using your ATM for the payment to the 3000 fee for online call up letter, ensure you use a MasterCard as it is much easier and faster to you, Verve cards can also be used if the card has been activated for online transaction by your bank.
*You don't need scratch card or pin for registration, please note that.
*A passport will be uploaded during registration should be of white background and your face must be clearly shown (ladies ensure your hair is not covering your ears, cheeks or jaw)
*Make prior enquiries at the registration center near you to know the registration price and if they have the necessary device for registration (fingerprints scanner)
*And please remember early registration can go along way to help you get good states of your choice.
*On completion of NYSC online registration, you are expected to print your green card.
A green-card is a slip or an acknowledgment of NYSC online registration by PCMs(Potential Corp Members).
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