Why Nigerian Students Should Take Scholarship More Seriously In 2016


NOTE: This is a Guest Post Submitted By Precious Okwunaso Of www.ngstudents.com.ng

Hello readers of Elitesplanetblog.com, and all Nigerian Students at large. Am precious from ngstudents.com.ng and am here to reach out to Nigerian Students on a topic I believe needs more attention than its currently getting from both students and Bloggers alike. It's about Scholarships, Scholarships offered both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

I'll throw some light on it and my aim Is to create awareness and make you understand the importance of Scholarships. Before then, I'll like to define Scholarship to you in its simplest terms. Scholarship is simply a sponsorship agreement between two parties in this case, the students and the awardee. In that note, the idea of Scholarship is to take responsibility of someone's fees in school both accommodation and school fees as well as others depending on the agreement.

So, why should you go for Scholarships?
1. Gain Free Education: cost of sponsoring someone in school can be talking at times and a scholarship can always come in handy to help out. Depending on the terms of the scholarship, you may not have to pay school fees anymore until you graduate!

2. Establish Connection To Scholarship Awarder

This is also a very important reason why you should go for scholarships. They help you get Closer to the company or individual awarding the scholarship. You may find it easier getting employed by a company that sponsored your education than not. So, get the scholarship and get your name into their database.

3. Makes You More Committed

Most Scholarships come with classes like,
You must maintain a certain CGPA to be able to redeem the award yearly

You can learn how to calculate CGPA Here.

If you go below what's agreed on, your scholarship may be called off. So, you can as well be inspired to work hard to stay clear of the mark.

These are just few amongst other reasons why you should be keen on getting Scholarship Awards. As you can see, it's not just about the money but also other benefits like the connection!
And here's a package for you because you read my post, here's a  list of Nigerian Universities Scholarships in 2016 and their Worth.

If you need any help, simply comments below because am here to help solve the scholarship issue for Nigerian Students in the way I can!

Hope you got my point guys. See you in my next post on elitesplanetblog.com. Stay cool

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  1. This encourage students to take their education serious so as to meet up to standard .


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