7 Things To Have In Mind Before Purchasing The 2016/2017 JAMB Change Of Course/Institution Form

First and foremost, most institution cutoff mark for 2016 putme is NOT yet out and it cannot be predicted now no matter how good or bad the utme results are until change of course/institution is over. As utme is still on, we are receiving both good and bad news concerning the results which is the way it should be; everybody must not pass or fail an exam though we always pray that majority of those who prepared or will prepare well should pass because hardwork pays.
Its no secret that some people have already started nurturing the idea of changing course or institution because of how bad or good their results are. Some wish to change either from a lower course to a higher one or from a higher course to a lower course. Some also wish to change from a lower institution to a higher one or vice versa.
Changing of course or institution is not a bad idea, its just a precaution or a defensive measure but there is a way you will take such measures; you end up making a huge mistake. Changing a course after utme is not same with changing of course after putme. When the time comes for that, we will still advice you and give you guidelines and things to consider then.
So, for those who wish to change course or institution, please consider the following major things.
1. Why You Chose The Course:
While filling your Jamb form, you saw some other courses including the one you are now nurturing the idea to change to but you left them and chose this course you now want to change from it maybe because your utme is poor or very good. Those who wish to change to lower courses because their scores are low, its quite a pity that it seems your dream is shattering but believe me; its not. All you need now is to change to a lower course that has same or similar things in common with your initial course which you can easily still change to your dream course later in your second year if you finally get admission thereby achieving your dream later. For those who are changing because they feel their scores are too big for that course they chose; my dear, nobody says you should not change or have a bigger dream but if I were you, I would stick to that original plan, get admission first and maybe change later. God who gave you that high score for that low course is wiser than you.
2. Your O'Levels:
In putme, you consider your putme subject combinations while changing to another course via supplementary form but in this case, you can change from one faculty to the other or from one institution to another; so you consider your o'levels. Before you change, make sure that your o'levels match the new course or faculty or school you are changing to. This is because every course or faculty or institution depending on the course or faculty have different o'levels requirements. If you are not sure of yours, ask questions here.
3. How Competitive The Course Could Be:
One funny thing about life is that as you are planning on something, there are also some people planning in same direction with you; hence competition. So, do not think you are the only one who wants to change to that course because your score is low or high. As a matter of fact, some people even chose that course while filling their Jamb forms for that same reason you now want to change to it and they dont plan to change to another course. So, you will definitely meet people who are already there and those who will change to the course same way you want to change to it. Make sure you consider this and find out if people love the course or run away from it but just bear in mind that courses that require low marks are always competitve.
4. The Cutoff Mark:
While changing, consider the cutoff; if possible ask what the cutoff mark was, what you need to score in putme to get admission there with reference to your utme score. Just like I said earlier, courses with low cutoff marks always seem to be very competitive because everybody wants to enter school but you have a better chance of making it in a course with low cutoff mark with that your score than sticking to a course with higher cutoff because you are scared of the multitude. Same is applicable to those who will wish to change to higher courses because their scores are high. Consider the cutoff marks but do not be afraid.
5. Its Admission Capacity:
There are some courses that have high admission capacity in the merit list but admit less in supplementary such as Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Accountancy, Business Magt., Education Arts, Education Sciences, Electronics Engineering, Medical Radiography, Mass Comm, English & Litrary Stds, Political Sciences, Economics, Public Admin, Geology, Computer Sciences, etc. I advice you dont consider changing to these departments because they always have much people that choose them as their first courses. There are good courses that are good which people dont know which do not admit much people in the merit list because much people dont choose them in Jamb such as Agricultural courses, Religious Stds, Philosophy, Social Work, Zoology, French/German, Marketing, Civil Engineering, Geoinformatics, Urban/Regional Planning, Computer Stat, Mathematics, etc. These courses seem to be very competitive during supplementary because they always have much space as people dont choose them much in Jamb, which means you have a better chance of being admitted into them in merit list with low scores if you change to any of them.
6. How Easy Or Hard It May Be For You:
Some people desire to change to a course without considering if it will be easy for them or not, some change because its the only one they feel their scores can go for without trying to find out first, if they are good at that course. Some change to mathematics because it has lower cutoff when they know too well they know nothing about calculation. So, consider this when you want to change.
7. Your Family Financial Status:
There must be a reason why you chose that your course initially, there are some courses that need low scores to get into them but you will spend a lot before you graduate. Also, do not change to a course that is very expensive simply because your score is high. For those who wish to change schools, do not change to a school which you know your parents will not find it difficult to take care of the fees in such school just because you didnt do well in utme. Dont let your parents to be the ones to suffer for your poor performance. Same is applied to those who will wish to change because their scores are high.
Consider your parents pocket as you are changing.
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7 Things To Have In Mind Before Purchasing The 2016/2017 JAMB Change Of Course/Institution Form 7 Things To Have In Mind Before Purchasing The 2016/2017 JAMB Change Of Course/Institution Form Reviewed by EMMANUEL CHINEKS on March 14, 2016 Rating: 5

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