OMG: Another JAMBITE Murdered JAMB In An Open Letter, With Sadness, Regret And Dis-belief- See Open Letter Here

Seriously speaking this years JAMB UTME exam conducted didn't seems to augur well with many students, as they poured out their grief on social networks and through open letter concerning the mass failure and incompetency of the body called JAMB.
Master Tojesus Blessed was not left out as he took his pen to pen down his grievances towards JAMB.
Read Below!!!

May God Terminate my life, if I, ALILI TOCHUKWU CHIDUBEM (Tojesus Blessed ), Will one day, at any place, by any means, consciously or unconsciously, By my action or inaction, hesitate to SPEAK the fact that your presence in JAMB Office, has brought nothing but total regret, misfortune , misdirection , and/ or raised many eye brows. In fact, truth be told Sir, Your tenure so far has remained more or less, Abysmal failure to JAMBITES (2016/17 Jambites specifically ), Nigeria parents / guardians , Nigerians In particular and the world at large.

Mr Dibu, Look at the way you have just frustrated 2/3 of 2016 Admission seekers. You have made dunce and Ignoramuses out of many poor but Intelligent Nigerian 2016 admission seekers/ JAMBites, all in the name of your so called " marking scheme or whatever". Should I talk about how you began this year examination ?? Of course, you will agree with me that your direct or indirect decision to award 40 extra marks to few candidates after the examinations of 27th Feb, 29th Feb, 1st March and/ or 2nd March, in the first place, speaks volume of your purposeless, compromising , barbaric and Non-enhancing-academic-excellence led administration. This has never happened since the inception of JAMB. You have succeeded in exhibiting &selling your administrative incompetence before Nigerians, Africa & the globe in general. You and your cohorts cannot justify the reasons why many JAMBites are crying every moment, as they check their results. God will judge you Mr Registrar! You and your caucus have made many Nigerian children to weep. Their parents/ guardians went through hardship to realise the exorbitant money for JAMB registration. Yet, You have allowed political, economic or whatever affiliation, becloud your sense of reasoning, consideration & academic excellence. Sir, I must confess, You have disgraced Nigerians & posterity will hold you accountable for the demoralization, pain, misfortune, etc you have / is causing Nigerian admission seekers at the moment .

How can someone read all day & nights, follow up your so called new syllabus, pray, fast, sacrificed pleasures , etc, just for you to give such person 130, 170, 140 and many other incredible scores as result ! I am disappointed ! We are Disappointed in you.

Finally, Tell Nigerians & the world why Someone will be getting 20, 30, 40, marks in a subject he or she read thoroughly. You & your colleagues have have killed many Jambites joy this year, But God hasn't . GOD IS WATCHING YOU SIR.

Remember Anothe Jambit wrote a letter to JAMB Too last week So read it here.
We pray they should hear these students plea.
OMG: Another JAMBITE Murdered JAMB In An Open Letter, With Sadness, Regret And Dis-belief- See Open Letter Here OMG: Another JAMBITE Murdered JAMB In An Open Letter, With Sadness, Regret And Dis-belief- See Open Letter Here Reviewed by EMMANUEL CHINEKS on March 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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