Word Of Advice/Encouragement To All University Aspirants/Freshers- Read And Share

.You must have heard about University long while you were in your Nursery School, then you only dreamt of how to get there, but finally here you are. Congratulations to all of you that Crossed the hurdles successfully and make it right here!.
GOD FIRST: Every Phase in life with God is always a Success, and starting anything without him usually ends up in Failure. Hand over your 4 and 5 years of your time here to him, Ask him to programme your entire days here, and i you do work together for your Good..
Without attending Lectures your entire days here will be a total waste. Attending lectures guarantees you 5 marks, Qualification to write your Exams, Knowledge, Wisdom, The Explanation given during the lectures can never go along with the notes. Attend every Lecture and make it part of your lifestyle here..
.We need People in our life MORE and not LESS. No man can make it on his own, he will need people to help him greatly along his journey in Life. Socialize with everybody, but Choose your Friends. Choose those that will never give up on you in spite of your flaws and imperfections, the that will encourage you to study, People that will look out for you anytime any day anywhere, People that will add value to your life positively, and help reach your goals and targets here. Beware of people that will mislead you. The Bottom line is, APPLY WISDOM IN YOUR DAILY LIVING..
Gone are the Days people depend on the Government for Survival. We are now entering the era where individuals depend LESS on the Government and MORE on their talents. Being in the University doesn't mean you should focus only on your Studies, Pursue your Dreams, Discover Yourself, Work on your Talents, Build Something out of Nothing. the doing nothing. Do you have a Great voice but don't sing? Do you have ideas that could change the world in your head, and you are not willing to share it to the world?Mark Zuckerberg, the Owner of Facebook got the idea of Facebook while in the University, He didn't abort the idea off his mind, he nurtured the dream until it became a Reality. What you know how to do, do it! If you are a Singer, Sing. If you are a Writer, Write. If you are a Dancer, Dance. If you are a Decorator, Decorate. Don't let that dream die off your mind, Don't let that idea leave you completely, do something that will make you Stand out, work on your talents and give Birth to yourself..
The Only secret to Academic Success is to Study. One of the secret to being a Great Student is to develop a habit of reading your Notes after lectures in other to capture what was being taught. Reading before Exams gives you the advantage over others that only read during exams the they try to force everything into their heads all you will be doing is Revision. Reading after Lectures gives you an advantage during tests and class work, so if you want to be a great student, The Secret is STUDY AFTER LECTURES..
Bad Decisions and Actions will always bring you Bad consequences, while Good Decisions and Actions will always bring you Good rewards. You are in charge of your life now, so please be really careful of your Decisions and Actions. Please don't let your Actions and Decisions mar you from living up to expectations. Your Parent are hoping on you, your siblings are happy for you, your friends are grateful for you, they expect a graduate out of you in the next 4 and 5 years, please don't disappoint them, think twice before taking any decision, be contented with what you have got, be in your best conduct and don't ever stop being Happy...Welcome once again to Akwa Ibom State University, Live your Best Life Always!.
Word Of Advice/Encouragement To All University Aspirants/Freshers- Read And Share Word Of Advice/Encouragement To All University Aspirants/Freshers- Read And Share Reviewed by EMMANUEL CHINEKS on March 29, 2016 Rating: 5

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