Reasons Why JAMB UTME Students Dont Get Admission After Getting High Scores

Utme is over, some who have made it are now like......hmmmm let me have a little rest. One funny thing I still dont understand is why some people who do well in utme end up not doing well in post utme or end up not getting admission even when post utme is easier and less difficult. You can never cheat nature, you can cheat humans but not nature. We have seen situations where people will make high scores in utme but when it comes to post utme, they dont make it. Below are some of the reasons why such thing happens:
1. People cheat a lot and do a lot of manoeuvres during jamb ranging from expo to upgrading and get high scores which are not possible in post utme except in extremely cases. They will come to write post utme with such believe and idea and they always get disappointed. This goes a long way to affect their performances and their scores.
2. Some people dont write their jamb by themselves but in post utme, you must write it yourself. When I invigilated some UNN aspirants during last year's post-utme, some people during the exam were like "Sir" please do you know this answer please? My response was like...were you not the one that wrote your utme, if your were the one, you should know this answer.
3. People that write their utme by themselves and make good results tend to relax and believe that they will smash post utme as they have smashed jamb. This is very bad and its one of the reasons why most of the brilliant ones fail post utme. You must not relax or rest until its over.
4. Majority do not read Jamb past questions in preparation for the post-utme immediately after utme, they only rely on jamb post utme past questions forgeting that UNN hardly repeats questions. Post utme past questions are very essential and good but do not drop your Jamb past questions.
5. Some people will come for post utme and forget that they have not entered school yet. They will start hanging out, sleeping around with the opposite sex mostly the undergraduates especially post utme girls and this causes a lot of distractions to them. Some people I accommodated in my place some years ago, 3 of the girls went to night club in the night and had fun with the undergraduates, later they failed so badly that their results were the worst among all of them. Why not relax til you enter school?
6. Majority choose high courses they wont be able to get their cutoff marks. Why not choose the course you can get the cutoff mark?
7. Jamb has made it possible for you to change your course and institution after jamb results are out prior to post utme. Normally, schools use the average scores of post utme and utme to get your admission mark. The wise ones will always change their course after seeing their jamb scores while some of the sturborn ones wont do that.
8. Vey important one: During the preparation of Utme, many will be doing everything for God to see them through, many will turn a good leaf, many will be doing fasting, many will stop and deny themselves certain things just for God to see them through. When they have written the exam and made it, they will go back to their normal life styles; thinking they are deceiving GOD, you cant!
My advice is.....Do not stop seeking the face of God when you have gotten what you want from Him, dont look down on post utme, dont mess up when you come for post utme. Even though post utme seems to be easier than utme, the truth is...its still difficult in its own way and form.
Reasons Why JAMB UTME Students Dont Get Admission After Getting High Scores Reasons Why JAMB UTME Students Dont Get Admission After Getting High Scores Reviewed by EMMANUEL CHINEKS on April 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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