See 10 Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore- Women & Men


Many people are too busy to look after their health. For the majority, health checks and visit to their doctors only happen when they are knocked down with an illness.

Moreover, we often ignore certain warning signs and symptoms our bodies communicate to us, and there are obviously unpleasant consequences.

The following points are so important to the degree that when ignored, permanent disability or sudden death may be the result in some cases. So please, consult your doctor if you experience any of the following:

10. Acute Fatigue

Over-working yourself and any kind of overload will definitely lead to fatigue. However, when fatigue and exhaustion continues for days and weeks, then there is probably a health problem.

Prolonged fatigue or weakness may be a sign of anemia, depression, heart disease or even lung cancer.

9. Abdominal bloating/pain/change in bowel movement (women)

An occasional boating, constipation or even abdominal pain may not mean something serious. However, they may be pointing to a serious condition like colon cancer, ovarian cancer, inflammatory bowel syndrome or other serious diseases.

8. Impotence -erectile dysfunction- (men)

Why erectile dysfunction is in itself a health condition, it may also be a signal to a more serious and life threatening health problem.

As a man, your erections which were always rock solid are now gradually getting weaker, and sometimes you are not able to maintain erection for vaginal penetration.

This may not be something beyond the superficial, but may also be sign of diabetes or other life threatening conditions like heart disease.

Erectile dysfunction has been linked in many studies to heart disease.

7. Chest Pain

This is a symptom you must never ignore. Chest pain may be a sign of coronary artery disease, which leads to heart attack.

Heart attack is a number1 killer in developed countries like the US and UK, and gradually becoming a significant force in developing countries.

6. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath is a serious symptom that should never be ignored. It may be a sign of heart disease, pneumonia, blood clot or even lung cancer.

5. Unexplained weight loss

Many people would appreciate weight loss even with little or no effort, but in reality it can signal a health problem.

An unexplained drop in weight may be a consequence of disease conditions including diabetes, depression, liver disease, cancer or other disorders.

If you've lost up to 10 percent of your weight during the past six months, consult your doctor.

4. Feeling full after eating very little

Feeling full sooner than normal or after eating less than usual on a consistent basis may signal a health problem. This feeling, known as early satiety, may also be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, bloating, fever, and weight loss or gain.

Possible causes of early satiety include reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome or a more serious health problem such as pancreatic cancer.

3. Breast Lumps

This relates especially to women. A man may have breast lumps or cancer, but they are usually rare.

A woman needs to always examine her breast. Breast lump may or may not be cancerous. Non-cancerous lumps are typically tenderer and change with the menstrual cycle, whereas potentially cancerous lumps feel hard and stone-like in your breast.

2. Pelvic Pain during sex (women)

Pelvic pain during sex for women may occur during or after penetration.

Pain during penetration may indicate pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, ovarian cysts or even infection of the cervix.

The pain that may occur after penetration may be a result of vaginal infection or hormonal deficiency.

Always remember that when this is left untreated, it may lead to infertility.

1. Flashes of light

Bright spots or flashes of light and other visual disturbances sometimes indicate a migraine. In other cases, sudden flashing lights could signal retinal detachment. Immediate medical care can help prevent permanent vision loss.

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