Our Advice To All Students Based On The Scrapping Of The 2016/2017 Post-UTME Exam


I chose to gather enough facts before I could say anything on this issue of "scrapping of putme". We remember last year July when government woke up one day and brought out what they called "Jamb New Policy" in which some people were transferred to other schools without their consent. Some were transfered to state universities where they couldn't have afforded the school fees, some were transferred to far places where they never imagined they could ever school, some were transferred to northern universities to be killed by boko haram and so on. Some automatically became ineligible to participate in putme in schools they chose in utme, some were sad just like some are right now, some felt frustrated just like some are right now, some felt intimidated, some were insulting Jamb management just like some are doing now, etc.
My dear, let us learn how to calm down, let us learn how to handle things, let us learn how to talk in certain situations, let us be analytical in certain things. Let us understand that gone are the days when some people would take some decisions and they fly or be allowed not to stay without serious analysis and consideration on what the effects will be on the affected people both positively and negatively. Government told us that they would be having a meeting with Jamb on the issue of cutoff marks for putme and not to discuss about scrapping putme. Scrapping putme which has been in existence for about 10 years now wont just be an easy thing or something someone would wake up one day and decide. This is because it will distablise a lot of things and also delay or slow down academic activities when it comes to admission process.
Am not saying putme should stay, neither am I saying it should be scrapped. What am trying to say is that there should be pre-information to both universities and aspirants.
Those of you who are dancing to this news, try and ask yourself some of these questions.
If putme should be scrapped:
- What will happen to some of the aspirants that are hoping to use their putme scores to make up their poor utme results?
- How will the universities determine cutoff marks?
- Do you know the cutoff marks may be increased in order to reduce the number that will be admitted?
- Do you know that sortting of admission with money will increase and mostly; people with money will be admitted regardless of the person's utme score?

Scrapping of putme is good but the aspirants should be informed before writing utme for them to be aware that all their hope and fate lie on what they will score in utme. Government cannot just wake up one morning and decide the fate of Nigeria university aspirants without considering certain circumstances. They tried it last with Jamb new policy and it didn't work out because they didnt plan it well and on time. This recent one may not work out also for this year except from next year because they didn't plan it well and on time. Government should learn how to plan things well and on time even when the plan is good, thats my take.
I think at this moment, all aspirants should be as wise as the dove and be prepared for anything. We are in a confused country where some people's welfare and state of mind are not put into consideration before some decisions are made, always beat their confusions by being wise and be prepared for the worst. I still advice you, dont STOP reading or preparing for putme until its officially and mutually approved and accepted by both Government, Jamb and university managements. In my next post, am going to give you people some hints on how admission used to be during our own time when there was no putme. Am going to make enough inquiries if same procedure will be used, I will also let you people know the advantages and disadvantages of such old system of admission but before then, keep reading your books and be preparing for putme incase if a mutual agreement is not reached later on the issue of scrapping putme.
Our Advice To All Students Based On The Scrapping Of The 2016/2017 Post-UTME Exam Our Advice To All Students Based On The Scrapping Of The 2016/2017 Post-UTME Exam Reviewed by EMMANUEL CHINEKS on June 07, 2016 Rating: 5

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