UNIJOS Group Of Staff Demands Nullification Of The Vice Chancellor Appointment

A group of staff of the University of Jos have demanded the immediate nullification of the appointment of Prof. Sabestine Seddi Maimako, as the new Vice Chancellor of University of Jos, on grounds of his involvement in scandalous corrupt practices and the manipulation of the selection process that resulted in his being named as the head of the administration of the university.

The group in a petition to the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, informed him that the selection process that saw Prof. Maimako emerging as the new Vice Chancellor was characterized with illegality, abuse of process and a monetary inducement. The group added that this brazen act of administrative rascality is a reversal of the change policy and anti-corruption stands of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The petition to the Education Minister reads in part: "As you are aware sir, a candidate, Professor S.S. Maimako was announced as the incoming Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos recently. We are not too sure if you were given a detailed account of the illegality, abuse of process, bastardization of the anti-corruption policy of this administration and reckless and arrogant monetary inducement that characterized the whole process."

The petition against the emergence of Prof. Maimako was written by a group named Committee For Integrity And Social Justice in the University of Jos. The petition dated 26 May, 2016, was also signed by the group's leaders, Dickson Ali Isa (Chairman) and Inusa Danasabe (Secretary). According to them both the university's Council Chairman, Chief Don Obot Etiebet and the incumbent Vice Chancellor, Prof. Hayward Babale Mafuyai, influenced the selection process in favour of Prof. Maimako.

"It is a common knowledge on the University of Jos Campus, and the Plateau State in General that both the Council chairman and the Vice Chancellor unduly influenced the process in favour of Prof. Maimako," the group said. They also observed that in view of the fact that Prof. Maimako was deeply involved in corruption practices at the time of the selection of a new vice chancellor for the institution, he should not have been allowed participation in the selection process.

"In the spirit of integrity, Prof. Maimako was not supposed to be interviewed, as there was a strong case of corrupt practices against him, and the University Council Chairman did not table the case for discussion, even when the case was all over the media," the letter to the minister stated. The petitioners therefore, urged the Education Minister to investigate the allegations leveled against the Chairman of the University's Council, Prof. Mafuyai, and Prof. Maimako.

"A Government that is globally known to be fighting corruption should not sweep this allegation under the carpet. You need to find out why the Council Chairman did not brief you about the questionable character of the said Professor. This is an act of sabotage by the Chairman and a calculated attempt to sabotage your office," the group told the Minister.

The leadership of the Committee For Integrity And Social Justice, also in view of the fact that there was a court order restraining the authorities of the University of Jos from conducting the selection of a new Vice Chancellor at the material time the exercise was held, the selection of Maimako as the Vice Chancellor of University of Jos is null and void as his selection was in contempt of a court order.

"There was a Bauchi Federal High Court Order, restraining the University of Jos from continuing with the process of appointing the Vice Chancellor, but the order was disobeyed. Now the University is facing a contempt of court charge. See suit No FHC/J/CS/23/2011 MOTION NO FHC/BAU/M/75/2016 Attached," the group stated.

As a way of resolving the problem and restoring sanity to the administration of the university, the group called for the nullification of the selection of Prof. Maimako as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, the appointment of an Acting Vice Chancellor, the reconstitution of a new governing council, and a fresh selection of a new Vice Chancellor.

"To act in the interest of justice, and spirit of this administration, the whole exercise should be nullified; the council Chairman and selection Committee should be investigated, while Prof. Maimako is told to respond to the allegations," they said.

In the same vein, the group said: "To move the university forward, an Acting Vice Chancellor be appointed from the University Senate, while a new Governing Council is reconstituted, and the process of appointing the Vice Chancellor start afresh."
The group cautioned that unless these drastic measures are taken by the Minister towards correcting the ills that have bedeviled University of Jos, it would be seen by the public that there's a conspiracy involving the Federal Ministry of Education to entrench corruption and mediocrity in the institution. "Anything short of this will portray you as part of the illegal act," the group advised the Minister.

It would be recalled that in a recent news by MegaNews on the selection of the new University of Jos Vice Chancellor, a former lecturer in the university had submitted a petition to the university's Governing Council accusing Prof. Maimako of involvement in scandalous corrupt practices, accusations that were accepted as true.
The former lecturer, Dr. G. U Ngwuanyim, had in the petition stated that: "Under the headship of Prof. S. S. Maimako (then, Dr. Maimako), there was systematic abuse by the Department of due process put in place by the University system for presentation and approval of Departmental results, thus creating loopholes for sharp practices. For instance, under his watch, two lecturers that were very close to him, Mr. Benjamin Harrison and Mr. E. N. Dannap, altered upwards over 117 examination scores of students in exchange for money. The ASSUU Ethics and Grievances committee investigated this matter and in its report of March 26, 2007 presented to ASUU, said inter alia: ‘Committee observed that there has been laxity in the management and administration of results in the Management Sciences Department that create favourable conditions for sharp practices’. It went further to commend the Ag. Head of Department who took over from Maimako (Prof. (Mrs) Nmadu, then Dr. (Mrs) Nmadu) for her bold steps in sticking ‘out her neck in a rotten system like this to make prompt report of the incident after due process of setting up committee to look into the matter’. In the same vein, Prof. Maimako concealed the report of investigation into alteration of students’ examination scores in various courses by Mr. Othman to the tone of 1,281 cases for monetary gains. Little wonder why the committee under reference also observed that ‘there has been history of sharp/corrupt practices in various forms, especially, issues of alteration of marks for gratification in the Management Department which was not addressed’.

According to Ngwuanyim, "As my Ag. Head of Department (then as Dr. Maimako), I presented to him a cheque containing the sum of four hundred and sixteen thousand, one hundred and seventy naira (N416,170.00) being money he asked me to collect from students during registration contrary to the University’s regulation. Particularly, he asked me to collect from each MBA 1 student, the sum of five thousand naira (N5,000.00) and each Part-time Year 1 student, one thousand naira (N1,000.00) for registration contrary to the rules that such collections should not exceed three hundred naira (N300.00) through a circular Ref: UJ/FSS/68 dated 29th July, 2004 and signed by Johan Abur. See Annexure 1 and 2.

“As my Ag. Head of Department, he instructed me in a note dated ‘9/9/05’ to register a student (Jafaru Abdulqadir) who possessed a forged WAEC certificate (See Annexure 3). I explained to him, on the face of what was submitted to me that the credential was spurious. When he insisted that I should go on with the registration, I went to WAEC office in Jos to authenticate the result after the payment of my personal money of three hundred and fifty naira (N350.00) as verification fee (See Annexure 4). On the basis of my findings, I notified him that the certificate was fake (See Annexure 5) and as such I would not register the student. This, of course, did not go down well with him, and so it created bad blood between us”.

The above allegations amongst other sundry crimes are the sins of Prof. Maimako, which have become the burden that has brought hi mom the firing line. The position of some in the university of Jos community is that if a lecturer in the institution who was serving on the presidential anti-corruption committee was recently asked to resign her appointment on less sundry crime of examination malpractice, why is Prof. Maimako not being made to account for his sins too?

It is against this backdrop that this group is demanding that Prof. Maimako must be probed, his selection as Vice Chancellor annulled and transparency institutionalized in the university of Jos.

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