ACEONDO Full List Of Approved Schools And Zone For 2016/2017 Students' Teaching Practice Exercise

The authorities of Adeyemi College of Education (ACEOndo) wishes to inform students that the under listed schools and zones are the only approved ones for the 2016/2017 Teaching Practice exercise. Students are advised to choose only from this list of schools and zones.
1. St. Patrick RCM School, Yaba, Ondo
2. CAC Oke Isegun High School, Ondo
3. CAC Grammar School, Oke-Odunwo, Oka, Ondo
4. Foundation Nursery and Primary School, Ife Road, Ondo
5. St. James’s Catholic Grammar School, Lipakala, Ondo
6. Orimolade Commercial Secondary School, Sabo, Ondo
7. Holy Flock of Christ Primary School, Ayeyemi, Ondo
8. Ogo Olorun CS High School, Barracks Road, Ondo
9. St. Monica Girls Grammar School,  Oke Agunla, Ondo
10. St. Ambrose, Catholic Grammar School, Ondo
11. Lujomu Comprehensive High School, Ondo
12. St. Stephen Anglican Secondary School, Ondo
13. Wilson Int. College, Yaba, Ondo
14. All Saints Grammar School, Oka, Ondo
15. Winner College, Odosida, Ondo
16. ACE Primary School, Ondo
17. St. Mary Primary School, Gbose, Surulere, Ondo
18. St. Catherine RCM Primary School, Ondo
19. St. Peters Anglican Secondary School, Ondo
20. Ondo Boys High School, Ondo
21. Unique International College, Ondo
22. Jubilee Community Grammar School, Ondo
23. Top Class College Oke-Igbala Road, Ondo
24. Bethany High School, Saka Famuditimi Street, Ondo
25. St. Joseph’s College, Ondo
26. St. Andrew RCM Primary School, Idimoge Ondo
27. St. John BOSCO RCM Primary School, Ondo
28. St. Mathew RCM Primary School, Okegbala, Ondo
29. St. Louis Secondary School, Okegbala, Ondo
30. Jesus Foundation International College, Sabo, Ondo
31. Mount Arafat International School, Ondo
32 Temidire Community School, Oppposie NDICO, Ondo
33. Methodist Grammar School, Oke Agunla, Ondo
34. Christ Anglican Primary School, Ayeyemi, Ondo
35. ACE Demonstration Secondary School, Ondo
36. Independence Grammar School, Oka, Ondo
37. St. Louis Nursery and Primary School, Ife Road, Ondo
38. Ansarud-deen Community Comp. Junior Secondary School, Okelisa, Ondo
39. Celestial Secondary School, Omolore Street, Yaba, Ondo
40. Emmanuel Anglican Primary School, Ayeyemi, Ondo
41. St. Peters CAC Primary School, Okeigbala, Ondo
42. Triumph International College, Orimolade, Ondo
43. Goodwomen CAC Nursery and Primary School, Ondo
44. Calvary Group of School, Oke Odunwo, Ondo
45. Ondo Grammar School, Ife Road, Ondo
46. Diocesan International Comprehensive College, Ondo
47. Holy Trinity Grammar School, Ita Luowo, Ondo
48. Trinity International College, Akure Road, Ondo
49. St. Helen’s Unity Secondary School, Opposite Ife-Garage, Ondo
50. St. Andrew’s (Anglican) Grammar School, Ondo
51. St. Philips Primary School, Omiluri, Akure Road, Ondo
52. AUD Primary School, Ondo
53. St. Stephens Primary School, Ondo
54. Ekimogun Grammar School, Bolorunduro
55. Ogo-Oluwa Grammar School, Oboto, Ondo
56. Owena Grammar School, Owena
57. Hallmark Secondary School, Itanla, Ondo
58. Homaj Group of Schools Itanla, Ondo
59. Dele International College, Fagun, Ondo
60 Awosika College, Ife Road, Ondo
61. L.A. Primary School, Oke Igbala, Ondo
62. St. Paul (Ang.) Pry School, Akure Road Wasimi, Ondo
63. Konfort Kiddies Primary School , Ondo
64. Konfort Model College, Ondo
65. St. Mary RCM Pry School, Oke-igbala, Ondo
66. St. Peters’ Anglican Primary School, Okelisa Ondo
67. Alilak Gramar School, FFF Ondo.
66 Baptist Prospect High School, off Brigadier Ademulegun Road, Ondo
67. God’s Blessing Nursery//Primary School, Sabo Ondo
68. Awosika Caring Heart Mega Primary School, Omolore, Ondo
69. Golden Touch Nursery and Primary School, Ayefere St, Okelisa, Ondo
70. Zenith Montessori Kidies School, Sunbreakers Area, Ondo
71. Diamond Achievers International Secondary School, Ondo
72. Eminence Corporate College, Gani Fawehinmi, Ondo
73. Faith College, Ondo
73. Sky Heights Nursery and Primary School, Ife Road, Ondo 
1. Emmanuel Victory Primary School, Oka Akoko
2. AUD Grammar School Akungba, Akoko
3. Akoko Anglican Grammar School, Arigidi, Akoko
4. Agolo High School, Ikare- Akoko
5. St. James Anglican Primary school, Arigidi Akoko
6. L.A. Primary School, Ilepa Akoko
7. Ajiroke Technical High School, Arigidi Akoko
8. Osele High School Okoja Street, Ikare-Akoko
9. Ola-Oluwa Grammar School Epiri-Ikanmu Oka Akoko
10. Mount Carmel Girls Secondary School, Ikare-Akoko
11. St. Patrick’s College, Iwaro Oka Akoko
12. Community High School, Araromi, Akungba Akoko
13. Holy Trinity, Akungba Akoko
14. Lennon Jubillee High school, Ikare Akoko
15. Oludaye Grammar School, Oba – Akoko
16. Oyinle High School, Oba-Akoko
17. Oludaye Grammar School, Oba Akoko
18. Oyinle High School, Oba Akoko
19. Agbogbo Grammar School, Supare Akoko
20. Okede Community High School, Supare Akoko
21. GOFAMINT Heritage Nursery/Primary School, Iwaro Oka, Akoko
1. United Grammar School, Ode-Irele
2. Comprehensive High School, Ode-Irele
3. Oyenusi Memorial Grammar School, Ode-Irele
4. Arerin Grammar School, Ode-Irele
5. Golden Apple College, Ode-Irele
6. Christ College, Ode Irele
7. Premier College, Ode Irele
8. Unique National College, Ode Irele
9. Methodist Primary School, Ode Irele
10. The Apostolic Primary School, Ode Irele
11. L. A. Primary School, Ode Irele
12. God’s Wisdom Nursery/Primary School, Ode Irele
13. Salvation Primary School, Ode Irele
14. Adeboyeje Academy, Ode Irele
15. City Model College, Ode Irele
1. Community High School, Asewele Korede
2. Bagbe/Ilunla Secondary School, Bagbe
3. Ajue Grammar School, Ajue
4. Convenient Comprehensive College, Asewele Oja
5. Igburowo Community Grammar School, Igburowo
6. Igunsin Community Secodnary School, Igunsin
7. Igbado Grammar school, Igbado
8. Oluwaseun Comprehesive High School, Odigbo
9. Abimbade Comprehesive High School, Erinla, Bagbe
1. Gboluji Grammar School, Ile-Oluji
2. Holy Saviour High School, Ile-Oluji
3. St. georges Catholic Primary School, Ile-Oluji
4. St. Lukes Anglican Primary School, Ile-Oluji
5. Baptsit Day Primary School, Ile-Oluji
6. Temdiire Community Secondary School, Igbo Oja
7. Ademulegun High School Oke D.O. Bamikemo Oja
8. Awaye Comprehensive High School, Oloruntele, Ile-Oluji
1. Okeigbo Grammar School, Okeigbo
2. Oloroke Grammar School, Okeigbo
3. Oloruntele Community High School, Oloruntele, Okeigbo
4. Progress College, Okeigbo
5. St. James’ College, Okeigbo
6. SIAM Group of Schools, Okeigbo
7. St. Luke’s’ Primary School, Okeigbo
8. St. Josephs’ Primary School, Okeigbo
9. St. Gabriel Primary School, Okeigbo
10. St. Peter Primary School, Oloruntele, Okeigbo
11. Prince of Peace Academy, Okeigbo
12. A.U.D Primary School, Oloruntele, Okeigbo
13. Community Primary School, Oloruntele
14. Progress Kiddies School, Okeigbo
15. St. James’ Primary School, Okeigbo
16. ANUR Primary Schools, Okeigbo
17. CAC Primary School, Okeigbo
18. Faith International Nursery and Primary School, Okeigbo
19. St. John Primary School, Okeigbo
20. St. Andrew Primary School, Okeigbo
21. Majesty Nursery and Primary School, Okeigbo
22. Maryland Primary School, Okeigbo
23. Mega Primary School, Okeigbo
24. God’s Favour Emmanuel Primary School, Okeigbo
1. Government Primary School I, Owo
2. Adeolu Primary School, Owo
3. St. Thomas Anglican Primary School, Oke Ogun Owo
4. Ahmadiya Grammar School, Owo
5. New Church Grammar School, Iselu, Owo
6. St. James Anglican Primary School, Uso, Owo
7. Imade College, Oke Osun Street, Owo
8. Adeyeri/Iyere CHSC (JSS) Iyere Main Street, Iyere, Owo
9. Uso Grammar School, Akure-Owo Express Way, Owo
10. St. Louis Grammar School, Oke Osun, Owo
11. Owo High School, Owo
12. St. John Mary Unity School, Owo
13. Abo-Oluwa International School, Ajegunle, Ilu-Abo along Akure- Owo Road.
1. Holy Trinity Anglican Primary School, Igbokoda
2. Community Primary School, Igbokoda
3. Methodist Primary School, Igbokoda
4. Igbokoda Community Grammar School, Igbokoda
5. Ilaje High School, Igbokoda
6. Mahin High School, Mahin, Okitipupa
7. Cherubim and Seraphim Academy, Ugbonla 
1. St. Marks Primary School, Ore
2. Fomwan Comprehensive College, Ore
3. Ore Commercial High School, Ore
4. Success Assurance Group of School, Ore
5. Adebayo Group of School, Ore
6. Muslim High School, Power line Road, Ore
7. King Emmanuel College, King Emmanuel Street, Sabo, Ore
8. Adeyinka Nursery and Primary School, Oke Ayo, Odigbo
9. St. Paul RCM, Primary School, Ore
10 Methodist Primary School, Ore.
11. Samwagba Secondary School, Ore
12. CAC Grammar School, Omifon
13. Our Saviour’s College, Ore
14. Uncle Peter’s College, Ore
15. Oluwaseyi Comprehensive High School, Ore
16. Marvelous International Secondary School, Ore
17. Pearlygate International College, Behind Ore Community High School, Ore
18. Zaccheus International Comprehensive High School, Ore
19. Beulah Baptist High School, Ore
20. Adeyinka Comprehensive College, Omifon
21. Shepherd Home, Ore
22. Muslim Grammar School, Omifon
23. Jomag Comprehensive High School, Omifon
24. Memento College, Power line Road, Ore
25. Time Model Comprehensive Senior College, Okitipupa Road, Ore
1. Methodist Primary School I, Okitipupa
2. Stella Maris College School, Okitipupa
3. L.A. Primary School, Ilu-titun, Osooro
4. Comprehensive High School, Ilutitun
5. Ogudubuja High School, Okitipupa
6. St. Joseph Nursery and Primary School, Okitipupa
7. Community Grammar School, Igbotako
8. Igbotako Community Grammar School, Okitipupa
9. Ayeka/Igbodigbo High School, Igbokoda
10. Ofedepe Comprehensive High School, Opposite Stella Maris, Okitipupa
11. Manuwa Memorial Grammar School, Iju-Odo
12. Moribodo College, Ilutitun
13. Success Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
14. Idepe High School, Okitipupa
15. Methodist High School, Okitipupa
16. St. Gregory RCM Primary School, Ode-Aye
17. Mercury International School, Ikoya along Ilutitun Road, Okitipupa
18. Ikoya Grammar School, along Ilutitun Road
19. Ogundubuya High School, Okitipupa
20. Heritage Group of Schools, Okitipupa
21. Sarah Girls College, Okitipupa
22. Elising High School, Okitipupa
23. Miracle Secondary School, Okitipupa
24. Corner Stone College, Okitipupa
25. Emmanuel Royal College, Okitipupa
26. St. Williams Secondary School, Okitipupa
27. Merit Secondary School, Okitipupa
28. Success Secondary School, Okitipupa
29. Miracle Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
30. Elising Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
31. Saviour  Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
32. Greater Tomorrow Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
33. St.  Paul’s Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
34. Ibukunolu Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
35. Blessing Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
36. Maryland International Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
37. Police Children Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
38. Success Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
39. Fulstrature Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
40. Sharon Rose Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
41. St. Williams Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
42. St. Mary (RCM)/Primary School, Okitipupa
43. Sarah Girls Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
44. Esther Kawe Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
45. Kingdom Heritage Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
46. Army Children Nursery/Primary School, Okitipupa
1. St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School, Isalu-Odode Jigbokin Idanre
2. Olofin Anglican Grammar School, Odode, Idanre
3. Sunshine Nursery and Primary School, Idanre
4. St. Paul Anglican Primary School, Idale-Idanre
5. St. Mary Primary School Idale Idanre
1. Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Akure
2. St. Michael Catholic High School, Akure
3. CAC Grammar School, Ondo Road, Akure
4. Baptist High School, Akure
5. Estate High School, Shagari, Akure
6. CAC Adu Memorial School, Akure
7. St. Peters Anglican Primary School, Akure
8. St. Anthony Primary School, Akure
9. St. Finbarn Primary School, Akure
10. St. James’s CAC Primary School, Irowo, Akure
11. Ijapo Estate Nursery and Primary School, Akure
12. Tofas International College, Akure
13. Ijo Mimo Oluwa Secondary School, Akure
14. Faith Public Primary School, GRA Aule Road, Akure
15. Omoluorogbo Grammar School, Akure
16. Oyemekun Grammar School , Akure
17. Alakure Comprehensive High School, Akure
18. Ejioba Secondary School, Opp. NTA Road, Oba Ile, Akure
19. Police Secondary School, Ita-Ogbolu, Akure
20. Army Comprehensive High School, Owena Barrack
21. Complete Child Nursery and Primary School, Aule, Akure
22. St. Louis Grammar School, Ondo Bye pass, Akure
23. Akure Secondary School, Oke Aro Akure
24. Anglican Grammar School, Ero Akinu
25. Adegbola Memorial Grammar School, Okejebu, Akure
26. African Church Comprehensive High School Alagbaka, Akure
27. Aratusin Community Primary School, Ondo Road,  Akure
28. St. Peters’ Unity School, Akure
29. Fiwasaye Girls High School, Akure
30. Elu-Iju High School, Iju
31. Alamo Grammar School, Itaogbolu
32. Akure High School, Akure
33. Anglican Grammar School, Iju-Itaogbolu
34. Aquinas College, Akure
35. Akure Muslim College, Obodulu Street, Opposite Oke Aro, Akure
36. SUBEB Model Primary School, Okuta Elerinla, Akure
37. Fanibi Community Primary School, Akure
38. Winners College, Fanibi, Akure
39. TOFAS Nursery and Primary School, Danjuma, Akure
40. Winners College, Fanibi, Akure
41. TOFAS Secondary School, Danjuma Road, Akure
42. St. Dominic High School, Okuta Elerinla, Off Ilesa Road, Akure
43. FUTA Secondaru School, Akure
44. Bola Group of Schools, FUTA Area, Akure
45. St. Bredran’s Catholic Primary School, Cathedral, Akure
46. St. Louis Nursery and Primary School, Akure
47. Grand Nursery and Primary School, Akure
48. Scholars Group of Schools Ondo Road, Akure
49. Best Solution Universal College, Ondo Road, Akure
50. Deeper Life High School, Off Ondo Road, Akure
51. Rachmeon, Akure
1. Emmanuel College Olode Omifunfun Road, Olode
2. Abike Obawole Model College, Ondo Road, Ile-Ife
3. Oduduwa College, Sabo, Ile-Ife
4. St. Peter African Grammar School, Oni Okun, Ile-Ife
5. Oluorogbo High School, University Road 7, Ile-Ife
6. St. David Grammar School, Lagere, Ile-Ife
7. CAC Oke Aanu Modakeke, Parakin, Ile-Ife
8. Ibikunle Lawal College, Ile-Ife
9. Christ Gospel Primary School Oke-yidi, Ile-Ife
10. Olode Grammar School, Olode, Ile-Ife
11. Ife Girls Secondary High School, Eleyele,  Ile-Ife
12. Ife City College Secondary School, Ilesa Road, Ile-Ife
13. Moremi High School, University Road 7, Ile-Ife
14. Aderemi Memorial College, Aye Oba
15. Idita Grammar School, Mokuro Road, Ile-Ife
16. Seventh Day Adventist Grammar School, Idi-Omo, Ile-Ife
17 St. John Grammar School, Oke Atan, Ile-Ife
18. Ife Anglican Grammar School, Arubidi, Ile-Ife
19. Al-Furgaan International College, Along Aba-Ijesa Road, Ile-Ife
20. Christ Way High School, Opa,  Ile-Ife
21. Bolorunduro Community Primary School, Agaun/Ogudu Road, Ile-Ife
22. Anglican Central School, Ilare, Ile-Ife
23. St. Peter RCM, Olode
24. Ambassador College, Aladanla, Ile-Ife
25. School of Science, Ondo Road, Ile-Ife
26. Adventist Grammar School, Idi Omo, Ile-Ife
27. St. Philips Anglican Grammar School, Arubidi, Ile-Ife.
28. Oranmiyan Grammar School, Sabo, Ile-Ife
29. Success Comprehensive College, Olode
30. Baptist Primary School, Sabo, Ile-Ife
31. P.A. Primary School, Ifewara Road, Ile-Ife
1. Hope Grammar School, Ilesa
2. St. Margaret Secondary School, Sabo,  Ilesa
3. Arimoro High School, Ife Road,  Ilesa
4. Ife Oluwa C/S Community High School, Ilesa
5. Ogedengbe School of Science, General Road, Ilesa
6. Methodist High School, Ijebu-Jesa Road, Ilesa
7. George Burton Memorial College, Ilesa
8. Ilesa Grammar School, Ilesa
9. St. Lawrence Grammar School, Ilesa
10. Babalola Memorial Grammar School, Ilesa
11. Aromolaran High School, Ijebu-Jesa Road, Ilesa
12. Federal Science & Tech College, Ilesa
13. African Church Grammar School, Osogbo Road, Ilesa
14. Ajimoko High School, Osogbo Road, Ilesa
15. Oba Agunleyika High School, General Road, Ilesa
16. NUD Primary School, General Road, Ilesa
17. Omofe Primary School, General Road, Ilesa
18. Apostolic Middle School, Sabo, Ilesa
19. United Ang/Methodist High School, Oke Ooye, Ilesa
20. Redeemer’s College, Ife Road, Ilesa
21. Ijesa Muslim High School, Sabo, Ilesa
22. CAC Grammar School, Wesley, Ilesa
23. St. Peters Elementary Primary School, Wesley, Ilesa
1. AUD High School, Ajilosun, Ado Ekiti
2. Ola-Oluwa Muslim High School, Ado Ekiti
3. Ado Community Secondary School, Ado Ekiti
4. All Souls Anglican Nursery Primary school, Okesa, Ado Ekiti
5. Anglican High School, Opopo-gboro, Ado Ekiti
6. Christ Girls’ Secondary School, Ado Ekiti
7. Baptist Comprehensive High School, Ado Ekiti
8. NOVA International Secondary School, Ado Ekiti
9. All Soul’s Anglican Grammar School, Ado Ekiti
10. Muslim Grammar School, Ado Ekiti
11. Christ High Secondary School, Ado Ekiti
12. Mary Immaculate High School, Ado Ekiti
1. Osogbo Grammar School, Osogbo
2. Baptist Girls High School, Osogbo
3. Christ African Church Grammar School, Osogbo
4. Oroki High School Agunbelewo, Ilobu Road, Olorunda Osogbo
5. Urban Day Grammar School, Osogbo
6. Anglican Community Secondary School, Osogbo
7 St. James’s Grammar School, Osogbo
8. St. Mark High School, Osogbo
9. Muslin Girls Model College, Osogbo
1. Origbo Anglican Grammar School, Moro
2. School of science (former OCHS) Ipetumodu
3. L.A. Grammar School, Ipetumodu
4. Community High School, Asipa
5. C & S Grammar School, Ipetumodu
6. CAC Grammar School, Eduabon
1. Amoye Grammar School, Ikere Ekiti
2. Annunciation School, Ikere Ekiti
3. African Church Comprehensive High School, Ikere Ekiti
4. Demonstration Staff Secondary School, Ikere Ekiti
5. Eleyo High School, Ikere Ekiti
6. St. Louis Grammar School, Ikere Ekiti
7. College Staff Primary School, Ikere Ekiti
8. Ekiti State Government College, Ikere Ekiti
9. School of Science, Ikere Ekiti
10. Alamo High School, Ikere Ekiti
1. Ayanbeku Memorial Grammar School, Ifetedo
2. Ifetedo Grammar School, Ifetedo
3. Ifetedo High School, Ifetedo
4. Victory College, Ifetedo
5. New Hope Group of Schools, Ifetedo
6. L.A. Grammar School, Ifetedo
7. Goodwill College, Ifetedo
8. Best Foundation Group of Schools, Ifetedo
9. St. Michael African Primary School, Ifetedo
10. Ansarudeen Primary School, Ifetedo
11. CAC Primary School, Ifetedo
12. RCM Primary School, Ifetedo
13. St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School, Ifetedo
14. New Hope Secondary School, Ifetedo

1. Community Comprehensive High School, Ilara-mokin
2. The Apostolic High school, Ilaramokin
3. Anglican Grammar School, Igbara-Oke
4. Oluwa High school, Igbara-Oke
1. Modakeke Islamic Grammar School, Modakeke
2. Modakeke High School, Modakeke
3. The Apostolic Grammar School, Alagbagun, Modakeke
4. Urban Day Grammar School, Modakeke
5. St. Stephen’s Primary School,  Iraye Junction, Modakeke
6. St. Francis Catholic Primary School, Iraye Modakeke
7. CAC Primary School, Akarabata, Modakeke
8. Our Lady’s Grammar School, Modakeke
9. Ogunsua High School, Modakeke
10. Baptist Grammar School, Modakeke
11. Abaja-Olowu International High School, Modakeke
12. Pastor Akinwumi Memorial Academy, Modakeke
13. CAC Oke Anu, Modakeke
Ode-Aye ZONE
1. Comprehensive High School, Ode-Aye
2. Layelu High School, Ode-Aye
3. Danikin High School, Ode-Aye
4. Unity High School, Ode-Aye
5. C. A. C. Primary School Ode-Aye
6. Anglican Primary School Ode-Aye
7. Baptist Primary School Ode-Aye
8. Methodist Primary School Ode-Aye
ACEONDO Full List Of Approved Schools And Zone For 2016/2017 Students' Teaching Practice Exercise ACEONDO Full List Of Approved Schools And Zone For 2016/2017 Students' Teaching Practice Exercise Reviewed by EMMANUEL CHINEKS on July 08, 2016 Rating: 5

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