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Important Notice To All 2016/2017 UNN UTME Candidates With Awaiting Results
I want everybody to understand that what am about to say here is what I would do if I were to be a UNN aspirant like one of you.
Now UNN has announced the procedures for her 2016/17 screening exercise and UNN said "those that selected UNN as their first choice and scored 200 and above in 2016 utme. There is confusion because people were expecting UNN to say "those who were sent to UNN for admission consideration by Jamb" but nothing like that was mentioned in the advert.
The questions are:
- Are those who were not sent to UNN for admission consideration eligible to register for this screening exercise?
- What is the fate of those with awaiting result?
I spoke with one of the members of the committee for screening and he didnt give me any tangible answer. I tried to reach VC or his spokesperson but nobody could give any reasonable answer. So, I decided to post this because an Igbo adage says instead you will fail to catch a cow while pursuing it, you should better cut its tail.
Nigeria is confused and believe me, if you are not wise or if you are the type that takes things for granted, the confusion may cause you your admission or something.
Since UNN didnt say "those that were posted to them for admission consideration by Jamb", I suggest you should go ahead and register for this screening so long you scored 200 and above. Its better you sacrifice N2,500 which you may actually be on the right track than losing this year's admission because of Jamb posting and irregularities and instability of so called country Nigeria.
So if you scored 200 and above, kindly go and register for the screening like UNN said. If on the day of screening and UNN asks you to go back because you were not posted to UNN for admission consideration by Jamb, you go back and leave everything in the hands of God knowing too well that you did what you were asked and supposed to do. The feeling will be worse and suicidal if at the end of the whole saga, you notice that your friend with lower utme score who was not posted to UNN for admission consideration later took part in the screening and got admission because he or she went ahead and registered for the screening. Your academic future worths more than N2500 as a sacrifice.
Those with awaiting result:
UNN has been accepting people for screening before now with awaiting result. The only thing is that you wont be cleared in UNN if you get admission and your results are still awaiting. For those with awaiting results, kindly feel any grade you like while doing your screening registration, UNN will still do o'level clearance when you get admission which by then, your results will be ready. Jamb point system for admission modality will no longer hold, so people with awaiting results will still get admission so long your results will be ready during clearance.
This is my personal advice and its what I would do if I were an aspirant concerning the Jamb posting saga. Please nobody should hold me responsible or blame me or said I gave him or her a wrong advice if UNN rejects you on the day of screening because you are not posted to UNN for admission screening; this post is purely a suggestion, the decision is yours to make and the outcome is also on you.
If you are among our candidates for this year's admission, go ahead and do your registration, we will be there during screening to set things right for you whether you are posted by Jamb or not.
First of all, you can do your registration any where you are, you must not come to UNN. Again, please stop using your phone to do your registration because your phone cannot print, this is not a phone thing.
Go to any cyber cafe any where you are, ask them to log into UNN website and enter UNN portal. In UNN portal:
1. Look for prospective students and click on it.
2. You will see online application form and click on it.
3. A page will open, you will see 2016/2017 admission screening application. Under it, you will see "click here to apply".
4. After you click there, a page where you will key in your registration number will open. Key in your registration number and submit.
5. Another page will open, click on "Proceed to generate invoice" at the bottom of the page.
6. This will take you to where you will see your details, supply your email and phone and submit to see your invoice and your RRR number.
Print out the invoice, take it to any bank and tell them you want to pay for UNN screening through remita. They willl process it and give you a code.
1. Take the code back to UNN portal, login again and proceed with completion of the form.
2. Fill your o'levels where necessary and other credentials. Awaiting results can fill any grade.
3. Confirm your entries.
4. Submit your application.
5. Print out your acknowledgement slip and wait for the dates of the screening. If you find this difficult, kindly call us and we will contact our agents to help you out. There are also many people in the campus who have been advertising themselves to assist you, you can call them but be careful of whom you call to avoid story that touches later.
As it stands now, the method for the screening is not yet made known to the public, which means nobody knows how long it will last. Right now, UNN students are writing their second semester exam which will last till end of July or mid-August. The dates for the screening may be after the exams or may clash with the exams.
However, if it clashes with the ongoing exams, it maybe be difficult for students to accommodate you comfortably. If the dates come after the exam which I doubt, many of you may find it difficult with accommodation. UNN doesnt not officially provide accommodation for putme/screening candidates though some students do help during that period including some churches. When the time comes, we will also help as many as we can as usual, so dont panic. Dont listen to anybody you dont know very well who claims to help you, many guys use the opportunity to rape, deceive and defraud aspirants especially the girls. If you dont have where to stay, call us and we will send you to trusted people in the hostels and off-campus or better-still, enter any church like St. Peter's church inside campus and you will stay with your fellow aspirants there. I will post directions to Nsukka and UNN campus soon for those who haven't been to Nsukka or UNN before.
I have said this before, those who scored 200 and above and chose UNN in 2016 utme can go ahead and register whether you are posted to UNN for admission consideration or not.
Deadline for the registration for now is 19th July, 2016. So, start your registration now because there may not be any extension after the deadline.
The price is N2,500 excluding bank commission.
1. O'levels
2. Jamb result print out
3. State of origin (Not a must)
4. Birth certificate
5. Cardigan against cold
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