Afe Babalola 2016/2017 Founders Address/Speech To All New Students

I welcome you heartily to this milestone event. Both to the new students and staff of ABUAD, this is a significant event to us particularly the new students.
Let me pay special tribute to all my staff particularly the pioneer staff. It is one thing to dream but it is another to translate a dream to reality. What in 2010 was a dream has become a reality.
Today, we are celebrating the arrival of the 7th set of students. We were only 240 in 2010 January. Today, we are about 6,000. We have graduated 4 sets of students. Whereas, students who were admitted to some public universities in 2010 are still to graduate. We started with 13 programes,
today we have 38 programmes and 16 Postgraduate programmes.
Our students are all over the world. Our students have won national and international awards. Today we are ranked No. 2 best private university out of 68 private universities in Nigeria. We have overtaken most of older public universities. I assure you next few months we will be No. 1. Indeed,
we are the fastest growing private university on the planet.

Great ABUAD students!!! ABUAD is a university with a difference. Some of the achievements that mark us out as a university with a difference are

  •  The first University, private or federal or state that commenced academic work on permanent site with all students, teaching equipment and quality teachers in place.
  •  No wonder ABUAD has been described as “a model, benchmark, reference point” by NUC.
  •  Our new ABUAD students, ABUAD has made impossibility made possible all in six years.
  • The fact is that all things are possible if you have faith, determination
  • and industry. These are the key words in ABUAD Anthem. 
Read out the first paragraph of ABUAD Anthem.


We will teach you how to do things in line with the Law of Nature otherwise known as Natural Law.
What is the first law in heaven – Answer order
All the heavenly bodies, the earth, mars, Jupiter and over 700 new
planets, millions of stars move in perfect order. As a result of
immutable order, constantly obey the law of nature , they regulate the
movement and they never collide with each other. This they have
done over a million years and are still doing today.
ABUAD has a set of rules and regulations, hand book for students and teachers, which we follow regularly. You must read them and follow the rules.
We also promise you;
i. Safe, serene, beautiful and unique environment
ii. Uninterrupted academic calendar
iii. Quality teachers
iv. Modern teaching equipment
v. Regular assignment by teachers
vi. Evening class at no extra cost
vii. Quality food
viii. Well equipped laboratories for research
ix. Semester examinations
x. Prices for excellent performance in academic work
xi. Prices for clean hostels
xii. Prices for good leadership
xiii. Prices for best dressed student
xiv. Scholarship opportunities by our friends including US Embassy
e.g. Fullbright, Pan Ocean etc
xv. Modern Sports facilities (Indoor and outdoor)
xvi. Permission to allow parents and guarantors to visit students
xvii. Freedom of religion. But no religion fanatics or wearing of your
xviii. Regular water system
xix. Regular electricity
xx. Because of economic downturn, the electricity supply will be
supplied to the hostel in the following order:
Hostel light on: 5:30am to 8:30am
3pm to 5pm
10:30pm to 12am
Class room light on: 7:30am to 10:30pm
Staff quarters: All but 9am to 3pm
xxi. We also provide laundry, bookshop, printing press, 2 cafeteria
including a new cafeteria to provide for shops


You all know the deficiencies and inadequacies of public universities (state or federal), yet your parents sent you here. Why? Because they know that education is power, and we provide quality and functional education.
However, what most people do not know is that quality education is expensive. We all know what good secondary schools charge as fees in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan fees ranging from 2 –
5million naira. In ABUAD there are courses where the school fee is as low as N400,000.
Quality education helps to overcome ignorance, illiteracy, conquer poverty and assures of good living.
ABUAD has been acknowledged to be the leader in quality and functional education. We are proud of our students. Students like Popoola who won the World Champion in London last year and Seun Ogundele of Computer Science who passed out last year, established his own business and surprised us with a gift of 30 sets of ceiling fans this year.


  •  Punctual and regular attendance in class day or evening
  •  Use of library for reading and research
  •  Obedience to law and rules of the university
  •  Dressing: You have been told what to wear
  •  Boys – No beard
  •  Good performance academically – prices
  •  Ask for particulars of available scholarship
  •  Keep only studious and well behaved friends
  •  In choosing your friends, make sure you move with students who are well behaved and are doing well in academics. The old adage is, show me your friend and I know who you are.
  •  The university will not tolerate any one who is taking drug or who is found with drug. The university is not a place for criminal.
  •  Anybody who flouts the law will be expelled.
  •  The university will not tolerate destruction or damage to property or anybody who imports hooligan, cultism into the university.
Finally, the old Greeks philosophical statement is: “chance rule our lives”. It is only those who make use of chance or opportunity that succeeds in life. Your coming to ABUAD is a chance, an opportunity not available to many.
Count yourselves lucky. Thank your parents for the great opportunity.
There is a tide in the lives of man;
Ceased when the tide is high;
Leads to fortune;
Omitted, leads to mystery.
May hay while the sun shines.
He prays most who works hardest.
Utilise your time gainfully.
Time is life, life is time.
Any minute of your life not utilised is irretrievable.
Good dressing shows the man
Always smile while you work or play
Whether you want to be great or not is a matter of decision.
Your fortune is in your hand.
Today is a time of decision and a turning point in your life. Make your
decision today.
God bless.



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