Guest Post: 21 Examination Tips for WAEC Candidates To Excel At One Sitting


Educational Advice for WAEC Candidates on Exam preparation 


This is a Guest Post From Precious Mmeso. Owner And Publisher At Jackobian.Com

Hello students, am glad you are reading my message and I really hope you learn some important things here that will help you succeed in WAEC at a sitting!

This is a continuation of and completion of an earlier article on How to read, understand and remember what you study
Most students adopt the failure formula for WAEC/NECO exams by choice. They disregard all suggestions about study and examination techniques. They start to think about the task on hand only a few days to the exams. For the short period they have left, they adopt a familiar routine. They stay up late trying to cram for exams, catch a few hours of fitful sleep, get up at the last minute, sometimes arriving with little or nothing in their heads, they then race through the question papers in order to get it over with as quickly as possible or at best look for ''EXPO"
What many students fail to understand is that the mountains they see preparing for exams are actually molehills. They forget that taking an exam is like putting on a show like a stage performer. The appropriate response is to get out on the stage and try not to let their fears mobilize good performance. There is nothing wrong in being apprehensive about the exam because the student’s grades to some extent are tied to that performance. The goal should therefore be to direct towards exam-taking responses or series of steps that can make them see exams as molehills. The relevant steps are listed below


1. Know the syllabus

2. Get the relevant text books/materials

3. Cover the given syllabus

4. Read for understanding

5. Avoid low aim

5. Develop self-confidence

6. Shun“ EXPO”.. Not easy but u don’t need them if you read these steps carefully.

7. Form discussion groups for revision purposes

8. Plan a revision time table

9. Use past questions / Answers booklet during revision

10. Relax / Sleep the night before the papers


11. Read and obey all instructions

12. Read over all questions thoroughly

13. Allocate time for your answers

14. Attempt all compulsory questions

15. Start with questions you know best

16. Keep your answer to the limit of the questions

17. Keep your work neat and tidy

18. Let your writing be readable

19. Do not expose your answers for others to copy

20. Do not copy from colleagues

21. Revise you work before submission.

Those are my 21 tips for you as a WAEC candidate. Use them well and you'll never have cause to repeat your exams again!
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