Must-Know Care Tips For Home Appliances

Home appliances are among the most expensive items we buy for our houses. Of course, you can always visit the home appliance section on Jiji ( to buy high quality gadgets at super attractive prices. However, you also want your appliances to last for as long as possible. With our care tips, long appliance use becomes a reality!

Washing Machine

The first rule of using a washing machine is to never overload it. Washing clothes in small batches preserves parts of the washing machine and makes it easier to avoid frequent replacements and repairs. Once the washing cycle is over, keep the door open for a few hours to allow a machine to dry up naturally. Moreover, use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the machine once a week - it will help you get rid of dust, excess water, and washing powder residue.


The more foods and beverages you store in your fridge, the more overworked the compressor becomes and the sooner it will go out of order. Try to keep the amounts of food stored in the fridge minimal, and follow the basic guidelines for placing the food products in the corresponding zones inside the fridge. Plus, when you buy a brand new refrigerator, allow it to stand for a couple of hours before plugging it in. Finally, find the compressor coils of your fridge (they’re usually located in the back) and clean them once in every 6 months

Microwave oven

A humble microwave oven can last you for over 10 years if you take proper care of the device. Your microwave doesn’t require anything more than regular cleaning, due to food particles that if left inside for too long, can lead to electrical sparking, which is damaging both for the microwave and the electrical system of your home. The most effective way to clean a microwave is to bring water to boil, let the steam loosen the residue, and clean it with a cloth.


Electric stoves have a lifespan of over 10 years, and gas stoves are even more durable, provided that they are diligently taken care of. The biggest threat of stoves is the buildup around the burners, which is why you should never let the stove accumulate too much buildup. Dirty burners can not only lead to malfunctions, but also negatively affect the heating capacity of the stove. Clean the burners once a week with warm water and some mild detergent, and remember not to touch the igniters, since they are quite delicate and can be easily broken.

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